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He Said, She Said: Traveling With Kids


Setting the Scene: As I posted about previously (HERE and HERE), we were at the beach this month for 5 days. I love the beach. Matt tolerates it. But the one thing we both agree on is the sheer insanity of traveling with kids. The following conversation took place when we finally arrived home from our trip.

He Said: Well we made it.

She Said: And it only took us 5 hours and 38 minutes.

He Said: Yeah, to make a trip that technically should have taken us 3 hours 25 minutes according to Mapquest.

She Said: Mapquest doesn’t take everything into account in those estimates though.

He Said: Like what?

She Said: Like 5 year olds who have make a tinkle at least once every hour. And 8 year olds who only decide that they need to make a tinkle 15 minutes after we stop somewhere. And–

He Said: Yeah. I get it.

She Said: We still made pretty good time.

He Said: No we didn’t. In what world did we make good time?

She Said: Are you hangry? Do you need a hot dog?

He Said: Andrew (his friend who was also at the beach with his family the same week) said they made it home in less than 4.5 hours.

She Said: How? Did they dose the kids with Nyquil for the trip?

He Said: Maybe….that’s a foul. I’ll ask him.

She Said: It’s not a competition. 

He Said: Yes it is.

She Said: Is this a man thing? It’s stupid.

He Said: You don’t understand.

She Said: Don’t worry, one day the kids won’t want to go on vacation with us and you’ll be back to setting speed arrival records.

He Said: You’re just saying that.

She Said: There’s something wrong with you.

The End.

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