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5 Tips For A Successful Family Movie Night

Now that our kids are getting older they want to spend more time with their friends and out of the house. It’s hard to nail them down to spend time with the family but it’s really important to me that our family stays close. Movies seem to be the one thing that we all love. So we do family movie night several times a month in our house. And with the weather being so warm I’ve found some fun new ways to add a twist to our family movie nights. 


{1} Get out of the house. Movie nights don’t just have to be inside. We take our smaller flat screen TV out on to the deck and set it up on the bar so we can have movie night outside. We’ve watched movies while in the hot tub too. 

{2} Movie Bingo. We don’t do this every time but it’s fun to do movie bingo sometimes. Once we know which movie genre we’re choosing from I make up some bingo cards. If we’re watching an action movie then the bingo squares might have things like “bomb explodes” or “car chase”. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy- I use index cards and jelly beans! The winner gets a prize- usually something like 20 extra minutes at bedtime or their choice of a dessert for the weekend.

{3} Yummy popcorn recipe. I love popcorn and it’s a huge part of our family movie nights. But sometimes I like to mix it up so I make different kinds of popcorn recipes. Our favorite is the caramel marshmallow popcorn. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest. 

{4} Stay cozy. If we’re outside watching a movie then we use the fire pit and some fuzzy IKEA $3 blankets. If we’re inside then we turn on the fireplace. It’s all about ambience.

{5} Choose a fun movie. In our house we pick out of a hat. Everyone writes down the movie they want to watch, adds their choice to the hat, and we pick one. No whining, no complaining, no do-overs. Those are the family movie night rules. 

I know the day is coming when the kids start asking to have friends over for family movie night and I won’t say no. I’ll just smile and be grateful that our kids are still hanging out with us at home. 


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