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2016 House Tour: Kitchen

The last couple of months have been full of reno work in our house. Some minor stuff and some major stuff. During the last house tour I when I shared my kitchen I mentioned that I was waiting to upgrade my appliances when one finally broke. Well clearly I jinxed myself because it was just a couple of months later when 2 decided to die- the oven and the dishwasher. Then the handle on the microwave broke. And obviously it was a sign, right? 


The stainless steel appliances are so much better against the dark gel stained cabinets. I didn’t realize how much they would lighten up the whole room! I’m so happy with the ones that we picked. And I finally got my double oven!



I’m totally in love with my new fridge. It’s so big! And the refrigerated drawer in the middle is the perfect place for the kids snack stuff. They can grab their snacks- fruit, yogurt, string cheese, jello, pudding cups, fruit cups, etc- without opening the main part of the fridge. 


My goal was to keep the counters pretty clear but once I cleared them off the room looked blah. So I added the decor to the tops of the cabinets and that added just enough pop of color. 



I added the stainless steel wine rack on the awkward corner section of the counter and it’s perfect. I keep all the smaller kitchen appliances like the toaster, blender, ice shaver, mixer, etc in the lazy susan. It makes the perfect appliance garage. 



I love how much natural light pours in from these big windows. It’s hard to get a good picture because they all turn out too bright. 


I love my little coffee station. It works perfectly for us. And it’s tucked out of the way so I don’t have to look at the coffee maker all day long. 


I’m really happy with how my kitchen turned out. It’s light, bright, and clutter-free. I did remove the free-standing island to give us more space. I typically am cooking in the kitchen with 3 dogs at my feet and kids running in and out. By removing the island I’m not tripping over them all the time. I still have a few things I want to do in here. Some minor things like adding a rug in front of the sink and replacing the trash can with a stainless steel one. And a few major ones like replacing the counters and getting a new sink. But there are some other projects on my list that I need to do first before the counters. 

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