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5 Strategies I Use To Maintain A Stress Free Month

This year has been one of our busiest and I’ve found myself needing to find ways to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s taken me a few months to identify and eliminate the main sources of stress in my life. Then I went one step further and found ways to help make my month more organized.

1- Meal plan. It takes me about an hour to compile a monthly meal plan. I’m not fancy about it either. I use the Notes section of my iPhone. I break the month down into 4 weekly sections and I start adding meals. I make sure to plan meals that fit with our schedule on specific days. For example- on Tuesday and Thursday we have basketball practice at 6:30pm so I make sure I have a few crockpot meals scheduled each week. I don’t assign meals to specific nights, just to specific weeks. Then I can shuffle meals around if I need to but at least I know exactly what meals are available for any given week.

2- Grocery Lists. I use an app called List Ease to help with my grocery lists. I do once a month grocery shopping so I have separate lists for Walmart, Sams Club, and Aldi. This app allows me to add my items one time along with the price and as I shop I check them off. They stay at the very bottom until the next month when I go through and uncheck the ones I need to re-buy. This has saved me so much time because I don’t have to build a list from scratch every month.

3- Choose 10 books to read. I try to always read 10 books a month. At the beginning of the month I look through my TBR lists and choose 10 books that I want to finish during the month. It saves me the hassle of searching through several TBR lists for my next read. 

4- Make a goals list. I do best with goals. And a to-do list. So I make 5-6 goals at the beginning of the month, write them out, and then check them off when I’m done. I even share them on the blog to keep myself accountable. It helps a lot and it keeps me from being overwhelmed by a massive to-do list. I also maintain a list of long term projects so if I find myself without specific goals for any month I can check my long term project list and pick something to start on.

5- Fill out calendar and planner. I’m bad about writing down appointments and reminders on scraps of paper and then tossing them on my desk. So at the beginning of the month I make sure to add all those appointments to my calendar and my planner.

These simple things have helped so much in reducing the amount of stress in my life. And they really don’t take any time at all to do. 


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