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5 Ways I’m Keeping The House Organized

I cannot stand clutter and mess, y’all. I don’t know if it’s because I’m turning into a cranky almost 40 year old or if my psyche has just had enough and is putting it’s foot down. I know I haven’t always been so Type A about clutter. But I just can’t take it anymore. This year I am committed to getting rid of the excess, not adding to the clutter, and making sure every item has a home. It’s a huge undertaking but it will be so worth it. Eventually. I know I’ll love the end result but let’s face it- the process sucks. I already shared my 2016 Top 10 Organizing Challenge and I’ve made some good progress that I’ll share soon. But just organizing the spaces isn’t enough in this crazy house. I need a system in place to keep the house organized or it’ll be the same mess in 3 months. 


1. Stop using stairs as clutter catcher. This is one of the worst habits that we need to break. I say “we” but it’s mostly me. The kids bring stuff down from their rooms and then somehow it never makes the long trek back up to their bedrooms. So as I’m walking through the house during the day I’m always grabbing stuff that needs to go upstairs and just stacking it on the stairs with the intention of taking up later. Most of the time that never happens and the stuff is still on the stairs two days later. So I’m committing to putting stuff away immediately. Plus, think of all the extra exercise I’ll get from walking up and down the stairs a hundred times a day. 

2. Deal with dishes immediately. One of the ugliest things I can see in the kitchen is a sink full of dishes. We finally have a brand new beautiful dishwasher so there are no more excuses for a sink full of dirty dishes. We need to either rinse them and put them in dishwasher or wash them and put them away immediately. This is a habit I’m trying really hard to form. We lived without a dishwasher for awhile so I still catch myself putting dishes in the sink to wash later. I’m much happier when the sink is empty and clean.

3. Finish laundry load completely. I’m the worst at starting laundry and then forgetting about it. I have a house full of kids and dogs and it’s easy to forget to finish what I’ve already started. I’ve already implemented a laundry schedule which will help me out a lot. I’m committing to wash, dry, fold, and put away every load of laundry immediately. No more letting the clothes sit in the dryer until they are so wrinkled that they have to be steam dried a second time. No more leaving clean laundry in the laundry baskets and letting the dirty clothes pile up in the floor. 

4. The 1 touch rule for paper. Paper is my nemesis. With so many kids in school I am buried in paper. I have a great system in place with my family command center. The key is to actually use the system! I’m committing to the 1 touch rule for paper. It either gets shredded, filed, or placed in the appropriate folder immediately. No more piles of paper cluttering up the kitchen counters and desk. 

5. 10 minute tidy up at end of night. The worst way to start the day is to come downstairs to a messy and cluttered space. It just starts the day off on the wrong foot. So I’m committing to a quick 10 minute tidy up sweep at the end of the night after the kids are in bed. It will help me start the next day off organized and upbeat. I’m always leaving stuff out on theory that we’ll just need it the next day- such as bookbags, lunch boxes, shoes, coats, etc. But that means the space is never clutter free. And honestly, it takes 30 seconds to get them back out the next day before school so it’s not as if leaving them in the family room is a huge time saver. So I will be putting all those items away as well as any other items I see lying around. I will be making sure the dining room table is clean, the kitchen counters are clean, and the dishwasher is started. I think this will have a huge impact on my mornings!

Those are 5 changes I’m making to help keep our home organized and clutter free.


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