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My Top 10 Favorite Holiday Movies


I love Christmas movies. I watch them all year long, which drives Matt insane but hey- he knew who he was marrying before he said I Do so that’s his problem. One of my favorite parts of December is watching Christmas movies with my kids. We make caramel popcorn, light a fire, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle up on the couch with fuzzy blankets. These are my top 10 favorite Christmas movies that we watch every year. 

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation- hands down, my favorite Christmas movie ever. Ever. Ever ever. I watch this one all year long and I force my family to watch it too.

2. Christmas with the Kranks- I love this movie. Tim Allen is hilarious and Dan Aykroyd makes me laugh out loud. This is another one I can watch all year long.

3. Jingle All the Way- This one is a favorite of my kids. They love it. It’s a classic in our family and I’m going to be really sad when the kids drop it from our rotation.

4. A Christmas Story- This is just a family tradition. We start A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and it plays all night long. It’s still as good as it was when I first saw it as a kid. For Matt and I, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without this movie.

5. Elf- Who doesn’t love this movie? It’s hysterical. My kids love it, Matt loves it, and it’s a favorite. 

6. Home Alone- It’s a classic. Mase reminds me of the main character, Kevin. They share a lot of the same mischievous qualities. I have to admit that I still laugh the whole way through this movie.

7. Unaccompanied Minors- We added this movie to our rotation a couple of years ago and it’s so funny. The kids love it and the movie does have a lot of the same funny qualities as Home Alone.

8. Deck The Halls- This movie is so funny. Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick are so good together in this movie. The kids love it. 

9. The Family Stone- This is one of my favorites. I’m the only one who appreciates this movie but I force them to watch it anyway. 

10. Four Christmases- Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon? Yes. Matt and I really love this movie. It’s a December staple in our house. 

Any movies that should be on my list but I forgot? 


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