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House Tour 2015: Zoey’s Room

Zoey just turned 5 and she’s already had her room switched 4 times in her short life. Girlfriend has learned to just go with the flow in this household. It’s a trait that will serve her well in life. At least that’s what I tell myself to justify making the poor girl move rooms so many times. And if it doesn’t serve her well in life, well at least she’ll have plenty to talk about with her therapist. Might as well get her money’s worth, right? She has been sharing a room with Mase for the last 2 years and it just wasn’t working anymore. The 2 of them are very volatile together and they just needed their own space.



This loft bed from IKEA was in the little kids’ shared bedroom and I moved it into her new room by myself while Matt was at work because I possess zero patience when I’m doing a project. I took it apart, moved it, and reassembled it in about an hour. She loves sleeping on the top bunk and having room to play underneath. Her toy buckets started out in the closet but they were dragged out every day so I gave up and just left them under the loft bed. It works well for her. I moved the rug from the shared bedroom in here and also brought the orange curtains in here.



The bedding is the original bedding from her nursery and so is the leaf canopy. I love the bright colors in here. Matt says it looks like a watermelon exploded in here. He’s not wrong.



She has a lot more room to play with her big dollhouse now and at her request I moved all of the tree and animal stickies in her new room. She loves those trees and the owls are her favorite.



She got 2 of the bucket organizers from the shared room and Mase got the other 2. She has plenty of space for her megabloks, disney dolls, disney jr toys, kitchen toys, My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shops. So much stuff. I found the adorable orange lamp at IKEA on clearance and I brought the pom pom poofs from the shared bedroom in here. 

She really loves her new room and feels like a big girl now that she’s on her own. Bedtime has been amazingly easy since we separated the twin terrors and I can’t believe we waited so long to do it! 

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