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House Tour 2015: Ty’s Room

This is the last room on our 2015 house tour. The master hasn’t been changed since the last tour- it’s on the list though so stay tuned. This room used to be our formal dining room but we are short a bedroom in our house. 4 bedrooms for 6 people just wasn’t working anymore now that the kids are older. So the formal dining room had to go and we turned it into a bedroom for Ty. He loves it. The sliding barn doors offer the perfect amount of privacy coupled with convenient functionality. 


 It was so worth the effort and the work to build these sliding barn doors to create a real bedroom for him. And the best part is that the room is unaltered so if we ever do need to sell the house this room can be marketed as either a formal dining room or even an office. We didn’t build a closet, instead Ty is using a cube organizer but I’ll be buying him a wardrobe soon. 


Ty wanted a dorm style room so instead of a bed we went with a pillow top futon that can convert in multiple ways- both sides move independently and the arms go up and down. The rug is the same one from IKEA that was in the old kids’ TV room and the butterfly chair is also from the old TV room. He has his clothes organized in the 8 cube organizer for now. 


 I love the way the doors look from the inside of his room. They’re really different and unique looking with the stain. He has the big TV stand in here with the TV and the Xbox One for his games. I was concerned about letting him have the TV and Xbox One in his room but so far he’s proven to be very responsible. He’s the only one to have a TV in the bedroom right now so I keep telling him that he should feel special.


 He’s asked for a mini fridge for his room so I think that will probably be one of his Christmas gifts this year. When he said he wanted a dorm style room he wasn’t kidding. I expect him to ask for a microwave any day now. 



The Underground Subway print came from IKEA on sale and I left the same red curtains that were in here when it was a formal dining room. They match the color scheme and he doesn’t mind them so I left them up. 


In the near future he’ll have a smaller sliding barn door that will cover the doorway into the kitchen. But for right now I bought a black-out curtain for privacy and noise. It’s working fine for a temporary solution. He’s really pleased with his room and he loves being away from the little kids. I’m pretty sure he also love the very close proximity to the kitchen!

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