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House Tour 2015: Outdoor Spaces

It’s been 2 years since I did a house tour and almost every room in my house is different now so I figured it was time to do a little update. We spent a lot of time working on updating some of our outdoor spaces this year- from mulch, to pine straw, to decor- we worked hard so we could enjoy our outdoor spaces. 


 We still have to get some trees trimmed back, as evidenced by the giant tree limb in the middle of the picture! I also recently updated our front porch so I’ll be sharing that in the next couple of weeks. We also worked hard in the back yard. It’s not done yet but we got a great start. We added pine straw, a brick divider, and a rock fire pit.


 We need to buy some more pine straw to cover the area behind the tree and back near the shed and I need to spread it out a little more towards the back of the yard but it’s so much better than it was before. We used the fire pit a few times and the kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows for S’mores since I won’t let them roast marshmallows over my gas fire pit. 

I forgot to take anew picture from the playground up towards the house so this one will have to do. It’s looks mostly the same but with fresh pine straw, and we redid that brick divider. The gazebo section is where the hot tub is built into the deck.


The deck part was the area in need of the most work. It had been neglected for years. Matt and I replaced a lot of old boards, re-stained the whole deck, and purchased a lot of new decor to help spruce up the area. I had a very strict budget of $300 to redo the whole deck. Thankfully we got the table & chair set for free from my sister when they moved so my budget was realistic. I shopped the sales for the outdoor rugs, chair cushions, lanterns and trays. My dad built the tables, benches, and bar for us. The fire pit was our biggest expense and even that was on sale for $129. My total came in right around $280! And the whole space has been transformed into something I’m excited to use and not embarrassed to have others see when we entertain! 




This is the view standing on the upper portion of our deck beside the French Doors leading into the family room. This is my absolute favorite feature of our house- the hot tub. It’s one of the main reasons we bought the house. There is nothing better than sitting in the hot tub with the jets going while sipping a margarita at the end of a long day. 




 This is the large section of our deck looking from the hot tub area. We have the deck separated into sections: the hot tub, the dining area, the grilling area, and the entertaining area. My dad built those amazing benches as well as the wooden bar and the wooden tables that you see. He is so awesome. I need to have some cushions made for the long benches but that will have to wait until the puppies grow out of their chewing on everything phase. 



 I love our entertaining area. The gas fire pit was on clearance at Target, as was the outdoor rug and the chair cushions. When we have outdoor movie night we set one of our smaller TV’s on the bar with the Roku. It works out really well and the kids love it. 

You can see the previous home tours for our outdoor spaces: 2009, 2012

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  • I “hopped” over from TDC’s link up and I love the hot tub in the deck! I bet that is fabulous!! We just built a massive deck as one of our last huge post-flood projects and we have been loving it. I bought an outdoor rug for the dining space but hubby vetoed it due to the chance of it holding moisture and messing up the deck he worked so hard to build. I can’t wait to pretty it up a little for fall and I’m really enjoying seeing what others have done on their decks with a budget! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sorry it took so long to reply. I’m like a chicken with her head cut off running in circles these days. You’re welcome for that lovely image LOL. We adore the hot tub on the deck. Honestly it’s one of the main reasons I wanted this house. I was worried about the outdoor rug causing moisture build up or mildew but so far it hasn’t. We’ve had a lot of rain and I check the deck underneath the rug every week or so. It looks great. I think I’ll store the rug for the end of fall/winter season to let the deck air out. Thanks for visiting!