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House Tour 2015: Mase’s Room

Mase is pretty much the main reason we embarked on this whole room re-arrange in the first place. He was sharing a room with Zoey and it just wasn’t working out. He needs to sleep with the night light on and he needs total quietness in order to fall asleep. Zoey likes to sleep in total darkness and she hums herself to sleep. It was not a copacetic arrangement and every night was a bedtime battle that lasted for hours. I could not take another school year of the nightly battle. Plus Mase is about to turn 8 and no 8 year old boy wants to share a bedroom with his 5 year old little sister, right? When we first approached the kids about the room re-arranging they had some strong opinions on the issue. Maia wanted the largest room since she’s the oldest one upstairs. So she moved into the room that Zoey and Mase were previously sharing, Mase moved into Ty’s old room, and Zoey moved into Maia’s old room. It worked out nicely for me because I didn’t have to paint any of the rooms. Ty’s room was black and white so it was easy enough to decorate for a boy.


I kept the rug, the curtains, the bedskirt, the sheets, and the mirrors on the wall from Ty’s movie room theme. I really didn’t have to do much to turn this into a little dude’s room instead of a teen boy’s room. 


 He chose the new duvet from IKEA and I built the rest of the room around it. I love the blue with the black and white. It’s perfect for him. 


 I bought some unfinished wooden stars from Wal*Mart and had the kids paint them to match his room. I also bought the letters for his name from Wal*Mart for the kids to paint. The 2 goldfish pictures came from IKEA and were on sale. The star blanket that matches his duvet comes from IKEA as well. 


 The bucket system is from IKEA and was in the little kids’ shared room before. We had 4 of them so I divided them between Zoey and Mase’s rooms. Mase is able to fit all his Imaginext toys, cars, action figures, guns, and random other toys in the buckets and the closet. There’s no more mess or clutter in the floor of his room. I made him 2 pom-pom poofs to match his decor and we added the black buckets and rail from IKEA to hold his art supplies over his desk. 

He loves his space now and he hangs out in his room a lot now. He loves being able to have his friends over to play in his room without having to share the space with Zoey. And I’ve discovered that he’s not the messy kid. He keeps his room spotless and he’s proud of it! Bedtime is much smoother now and Mase is asleep by 9pm instead of me having to bribe, threaten, and yell to get the lights out by 10pm. Life is good.

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