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House Tour 2015: Living Room

The formal living room used to be a rarely used room in our house until I realized that the only reason I was keeping it as a formal living room was because that’s what my mom always had and what the room was set up as when we bought the house. But it didn’t fit our lifestyle. I don’t know if you have noticed but we are not exactly formal people. The Queen of England will not be coming for high tea at our house any time soon. We sold our formal furniture and turned the space into a second family room. 


When we bought our new sectional sofa for the family room we brought the leather sofa and loveseat into this room. The kids have the Xbox set up in here and it’s a great place for them to hang out with their friends. This is the view if your coming in from the family room. The white boxes hold the kids’ Xbox games, my collection of gift bags and tissue paper, some craft supplies, and all the extra chargers, HDMI cords and stuff that otherwise doesn’t have a home. 


I keep the decor very kid-friendly in this room with the exception of my Snow Babies collection in the curio cabinet in the corner. My mom started that collection for me many years ago and I love it. The kids know to steer clear of it or face mama’s wrath. Everything else is mostly IKEA, Target, and Hobby Lobby so the kids can play in here without stressing me out.


This room gets the most natural light in the whole house. I wanted to take these pictures with the blinds open but the light was blinding and drowning out the pictures. We keep the blinds mostly closed because this room faces the street and we have a couple of nosy older ladies who like to peek in windows in the neighborhood. I can’t wait to get old so I can peek in windows too. 



I still love my gel-stained stair rails and banisters. They’ve held up amazingly well with all the traffic in this house. Our next project for this room is to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. 



We build the sliding barn doors from scratch when we converted the formal dining room into Ty’s new bedroom. I love the way they turned out and they are exactly what I was hoping for. 



I moved the buffet table that matches my dining room table into this room for now. I don’t have room for it in the dining nook but I didn’t want to get rid of it. So it works in this space for now. It won’t be here long term but for now, it’s fine for me. I use the white boxes for storage of extra school supplies and the kids art supplies.

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