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House Tour 2015: Family Room

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the family room- I love the colors, I love the natural light from the french doors, I love the openness to the kitchen and dining nook. I worked really hard to make this space reflect personality and fun while still keeping it functional and comfortable. The room used to be so dark and dated- lightening up the paint and changing the color scheme helped breathe new life into the space. 


This is the view from the kitchen looking into the family room. I love how I can see the TV while I’m cooking. Our family room isn’t huge but it’s plenty big enough to fit our family and all of the friends and family who are in and out of our home. 



I love that the new aqua metal TV stand that I found at IKEA for less than $60 fits perfectly into that niche beside the fireplace. It’s the perfect size to be flush up to the wall as well as low enough to accommodate our 55″ TV at eye level when you’re sitting on the couch. I hate having to look upwards to see the TV which is why I didn’t mount the TV over the mantle. 




This is our family command center and it’s the most important part of the family room. This is where we keep the family calendar, the kids’ school papers, the every day files, and all the stuff that I need on a daily basis to keep our home running smoothly and efficiently. I’d be lost without this little space. The desk has been in my family for decades so I just gave it a coat of coordinating paint to match the decor and it worked perfectly. The basket under the desk holds shoes. The two puppies are huge shoe lovers so all shoes must be off of the floor or they’ll be eaten. 




I changed up the mantle recently to add some new stuff and just refresh it a bit. I love the look of the books in coordinating colors. I found the great Ampersand at Kohl’s on clearance. The canvas picture came out of the master bedroom for a change. That aqua metal trash can holds all the puppies toys. I really love the way the mantle looks right now. 







This is the view from the family command center. We bought the new U-shaped couch in May and it’s amazing. It’s like sitting on a cloud. We had the leather couches in here for 5 years but they were starting to look worn and weren’t as comfortable anymore so we moved them into the living room. I was skeptical about the dark chocolate brown color of the couch but the corduroy fabric adds the perfect amount of texture. I just bought the new rug a few weeks ago on sale for $31 at Wal*Mart. I don’t buy expensive rugs for this room because the puppies spend most of their time in here and I don’t want to have to stress about a rug. This way when they ruin a rug that costs $31 I can just throw it out and buy another cheap one. Life is too short to stress. 




I love how colorful and fun this wall is when you first walk in the room. That door on the top leads to the garage, the door behind the baby gate is my new second pantry. We had to put the baby gates back up because the puppies just cannot be unsupervised. They create havoc no matter where they go so for now keeping them contained on the hardwood floors seems like the best plan. I’ve had most of this decor up since the last house tour but I just bought the 2 amazing owls at Target last week. I love owls, if you can’t tell.



This is the view from the baby gate. Those french doors lead out to the back deck and the hot tub area. I love those doors, they let in so much natural light during the day. I spend a lot of time in this room so I wanted it to be visually appealing and really comfortable. I think I achieved both objectives. 

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