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Front Porch Decor For Fall On A Budget



I spent the last couple of weeks updating our decor on the front porch to reflect my love for Fall. I mean, cooler weather, beautiful colors, Pumpkin Spice Lattes….what’s not to love? It was pretty basic up there up until now- a summer door mat and some dead flowers were about the extent of my porch decor. Not very inviting nor all that appealing to the eye. I’ll be totally honest with y’all, we were surrounded by foreclosures, short sales, and empty houses for so long that I didn’t do much to the outside of our home. But now we have awesome neighbors on all sides of us and the homes are taken care of and loved. It was time for me to step up my game.

The first thing I did to spruce up the porch was look around my house and yard to see what I could use that we already had. This awesome little bench was meant to live on my porch. My dad made this bench for me out of scrap wood he had lying around his workshop. I love it and it’s very sturdy. So I had Matt pressure wash it and I stained it a beautiful Cabernet color to match the front of the house.



Doesn’t that look so much better? I love the color. I need to seal it with outdoor sealer but the paint has to cure for a bit first. It’s out of the elements so for now it’s fine on the porch. I found these 2 lanterns at Target on clearance and snapped them both up for a total of $20! I’m debating on what to put inside- maybe some small pumpkins or some pinecones. 



I brought the black mat from the back deck hot tub area. I want a Fall themed one but I’ll wait until they go on sale. I refuse to pay full price for anything, if you wait long enough you’ll get it on sale or with a coupon! Life lessons by Delia. The mums are my favorite. I love mums so much. I’ve had these for 3 weeks now and they’re still alive. I think that might be a new record for me. The planters are aluminum buckets from Target’s 50% off summer clearance- they were $7.98 each. 



The porch decor is all based around this amazing wreath. I love it so much. I found it at Target on sale for $35.99 and then was able to use a Cartwheel coupon on top of that to bring the price down to $27.99. Boom. I’ll pay that price for a wreath that I can probably get 3 seasons out of each year. The colors are stunning and it really complements the colors of our house.



I wish I didn’t need the chalkboard “No Soliciting” sign but this neighborhood has been overrun with annoying solicitors in the past year. People selling everything from magazines to gutter cleaning to tree trimming. It drives me crazy to answer the door 35 times a day for stuff I don’t need nor want. Hence the sign. 





I’m really pleased with how my front porch turned out, especially on a budget less than $75! I’m going to add another pot of mums right in the corner beside the bench and my dad is making me a large wooden pumpkin for the porch as well. 


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