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6 Ways I’m Preparing For Back To School

My kids go back to school on Monday, which they are just so excited about, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting prepared. We’ve been back on school schedule for a week now- waking up and going to bed earlier. That’s always the hard part with my kids- they are night owls just like their parents. Here are a few other things I’ve been doing to try and get the jump on the new school year. 

1. Cleaning out the command center. I’m embarrassed to admit it but when the last school year ended we didn’t even empty out book bags. We literally just shoved them in the closet and shut the door. So I pulled out the book bags and realized they both needed to be replaced. Good thing I checked! I also cleaned out the command center. I filed all of the previous year’s school papers and cleaned off the bulletin board. 


2. Updating my recipe collection. I’m making the switch back to a monthly menu plan now that we bought a second fridge/freezer for the garage. I’m doing twice a month grocery shopping so planning meals out a month in advance is helpful. I went through my recipe app and cleaned it up. I deleted old recipes I never make or ones we didn’t enjoy. I added a bunch of new ones to try. I also re-did my categories to make menu planning easier.

3. Making new chore charts. The kids have been really slack on chores this summer. A new school year means new chores. Now that we’ve added 2 new puppies to the family there are enough chores to go around. Maia is happy to pass on some of her old chores to Mase and Zoey is just excited to have a chore chart this year. Sweet girl, I’m sure that won’t last long.

4. Filling the pantry. I’ve spent most of this week turning our old hall closet into a second pantry. The closet was full of….junk. Lots of junk. Junk that we didn’t need. So I cleaned it all out, installed shelves from IKEA, and organized. I re-vamped our existing pantry to make it more functional. Now I can stock the items we frequently run out of and not have to make any in-between trips to the grocery store. 

5. Clearing the clutter. Oh the clutter. The benefit of re-arranging rooms is being able to de-clutter the house. I cleaned out a ton of stuff from the kids’ rooms. Then I moved onto the kitchen and cleaned out every cabinet and drawer. I even hit the garage! So far we’ve taken 4 loads to Goodwill and I still have 2 more loads to go.

6. Organizing the closets. Another benefit of re-arranging the kids’ rooms is that I got to start from scratch with their closets. I went through every single item and got rid of all the excess. It feels great. And it’s a good thing I did- I found out that Maia had not one pair of pants that fit her. And most of her tops were too tight. So she’s the recipient of a brand new fall wardrobe. Yay for her, boo for my credit card. 

So that’s how I’m preparing for BTS this year. I know it’s going to be a hectic few weeks and we’ll all be cranky and tired, but hopefully at least we’ll be organized.


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