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Sharing Our Stories With Family Using RealTimes™

One of the hardest parts about living away from our families is our parents not seeing our kids grow up on a daily basis. We see the grandparents as much as possible but it’s still not the same. They miss a lot of moments in their grandkids’ lives and I know it bothers them. I’ve tried emailing photos to them but it’s so slow and time consuming when I take a bunch of pictures. I also have to deal with the inevitable phone call to ask for a refresher course on how they download an email attachment…every single time. I have so many great photos of my kids that I want to be able to share with our families. The kids are growing up fast and they are constantly trying new things. I want our parents to be able to share in those experiences with us. I take anywhere from 100-200 photos a week and I feel like the grandparents only see maybe 10 of those. They’re missing out on those moments and memories.

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I recently downloaded the RealTimes™ App for a creative way to share all these great memories. My photos and videos are part of the story of our life and RealTimes™ helps me to easily turn them into a fabulous video that I can share with family and friends. RealTimes™ automagically creates beautiful and engaging video Stories from my photos and videos, helping me capture and share life’s adventures with no effort. I can also edit them with special effects, titles, and even add custom music to tell the Story my way. My Stories and individual photos and videos are backed up automatically into a private cloud drive that I can access on any smartphone, tablet, PC or TV. They get automatically organized into an easy to navigate timeline, and I can create my own albums to keep collections of photos together.

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It’s very easy to share your Stories with family and friends. You can send photos, videos, and Stories privately through text or email. You can post on Facebook and Twitter to share with family and friends all at once. You can even create “live albums” to share entire albums that update automatically. Behind it all is the RealPlayer technology that allows you to share your Stories, photos and videos with anyone on any device, and lets them watch it even if they don’t have the app. RealTimes™ auto converts your photo and video files to fit the screen and format of whatever device you’re reliving your life on – no worries, it just works!

Use the RealTimes™ mobile app to automatically create Stories from your photos and videos, and watch them anywhere. Get 7GB of space when you sign up – FREE! The RealTimes™ app is available from Google Play and iTunes for phone and tablet. Free to download and use, with two premium subscription plans: a $4.99 per month premium plan provides an additional 25GB of storage, while $9.99 per month gives you an unlimited plan letting you access all music tracks, filters and effects for unlimited story duration and storage use for up to 15 devices.

I am in love with this app! It is so easy to create amazing video montages from all those photos I take. Because the app creates the montage automatically from the photos I’ve already taken I don’t have to worry about editing and merging photos. It takes no time at all and I’ve already shared several Stories with our families. My mom loved them and bonus- not one phone call about how to download an email attachment! For a busy mom with limited free time this app is a must-have! Get more information and inspiration from RealTimes™ on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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