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5 Tips To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

I’ve been blogging consistently since 2007. I started my first blog when I was pregnant with Mase and on bed rest to keep our family and friends updated on how we were doing. I had many hours to fill while on bed rest and blogging provided me with a way to spend my time. I wrote about anything and everything that came to my mind, basically my first blog was one big brain dump. A few years later I retired my first blog and moved on to a more parenting focused blog where I wrote a lot about the trials and tribulations of being a stay home mom. Eventually I found my place in the blogging world with my current blog. I was perfectly happy just blogging for family and friends for awhile until I started to realize how much time and energy I was pouring into my blog. I started researching how to take my blog to the next level. I worked really hard and spent a lot of time trying to figure out tricks and tips. But there really aren’t any tricks. Over the last few years I have narrowed down a few things that can help when you’re ready to take your blog to the next level. 


1. Streamline Your Blog- one of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning was to not have any focus at all. I blogged about whatever came to my mind. Over the years I’ve streamlined those random posts into a few main categories: Motherhood, Home, Food, My Life, and Marriage. 90% of my posts fall into one of those 5 categories.

2. Know Your Traffic- something I always recommend to new bloggers is to learn how to use Google Analytics. You have to know where your blog traffic is coming from. I studied my blog traffic for several months and learned a lot. I was putting tons of effort into joining weekly blog parties to get my name out there but I wasn’t seeing any real reward from those. Studying Google Analytics showed me where to spend my time for maximum reward.

3. Blog Consistently- I publish 4-5 new posts Monday through Friday at 8am every week. I have a blogging schedule that I try to stick to each week which makes it easy for me to plan ahead. It’s not unusual for me to have a whole month of posts planned out in advance.

4. Learn to Optimize Pinterest- these days the majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I used to think it was bad blogging manners to pin my own material and I still hear that from newer bloggers. But it’s really okay to pin your own stuff as long as you’re not only pinning your stuff. I pin all my recipes and a lot of my house posts every week. I also pin a ton of cool stuff from other bloggers as well. It’s important to be a well-rounded pinner.

5. Switch to Self-Hosted- the best thing I ever did to grow my blog was to switch to self-hosted WordPress back in 2013. I held out for a long time because I still considered blogging to be a hobby. But once I recognized that I was making a good income from my blog I began to take it a lot more seriously. 


 It can be overwhelming to make the switch to self-hosted wordpress but there are definitely ways to make it easier. First, I hired someone to do the actual migration from blogger to self-hosted wordpress for me. I could have definitely done it myself but I needed it done quickly and I didn’t have the time to spend dealing with any issues that popped up. Second, choose reliable hosting for your blog. 


 HostGator now offers Optimized WordPress, a new hosting platform that is specifically built for an optimized and managed WordPress environment. The new Optimized WordPress hosting packages will come pre-loaded with PHP 5.6 by default (the most recent PHP version offered). HostGator will handle all of the core, theme, and plugin updates without the need for any action on your part. In other words, you won’t have to worry about logging into your WP-Admin panel to handle common updates. Additionally, Optimized WordPress does not provide cPanel access, allowing you to install and access your WordPress sites without needing to access or navigate an extra control panel to do the things you want to do. In addition, Optimized WordPress offers increased security with Sitelock malware scanning and removal, Sitelock Content Delivery Network (CDN), and CodeGuard daily backup and restores- down to the file level. HostGator Optimized WordPress is a new premium product and just a small extension to existing products provided by HostGator.


If you’ve been wanting to make the switch to Self-hosted WordPress then you should check out the benefits offered by HostGator, including 24/7 live support via chat, phone, and email, One click WordPress installs, and One click and start easy to use website builder with drag and drop tools that make building a site super simple.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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  • Great read and tips, thank you for sharing!!! I’d like to move to WordPress but I’m afraid to right now. How much did it cost to have someone do it for you?