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10 Differences Between School Year Mom and Summer Mom

I like to consider myself a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of a mom. In a house full of 5 busy kids and 3 crazy dogs, go-with-the-flow is pretty a necessity to maintain any semblance of sanity. I learned a long time ago to let the small stuff go, to pick my battles carefully, and be flexible. Otherwise- I’d go nuts trying to micro-manage every aspect of our daily life. And they don’t make meds strong enough to combat all that crazy. However, this summer I’ve noticed that my laid back approach has hit an all-time low.


1. The pool and hot tub both count as bath time. I mean, the pool and hot tub both have daily doses of chlorine so that has to count for something, right? 

2. Bedtime is anytime before I go to bed. We do not have set bedtimes in the summer. Zoey typically asks to be tucked in around 10pm. Mase is usually in his bed at 10 but awake until around 11pm and Maia wanders up to her bed sometime around 11pm after we walk the puppies. Ty….well, I don’t really know what time he goes to bed but there’s been a few all-night Xbox gaming marathons with his friends lately. But- they all sleep in until after 10am so I’m in no hurry to enforce bedtimes again.

3. Breakfast might consist of popsicles and chocolate chip cookies. These kids are blowing through the weekly groceries in approximately 3 days. So for the remainder of the week we have to piece together meals. The other day I ate a string cheese and 8 peanut M&M’s for lunch. 

4. Shark week is a family event. Seriously. We planned our whole week around the shark shows during shark week. Mase has a serious obsession with all things shark and was enthralled with Shark Week! We had 7 nights in a row of sitting around the TV with popcorn watching Shark shows. It was awesome. In related news- we’re not going to the beach this year.

5. Summer homework? What’s that? I mean, come on school systems. Stop assigning summer homework. Do they not understand how exhausted the kids (and the moms) are by the time summer rolls around? Give us some peace. I refuse to force my kids to do summer homework. We read every single day, we go to the library for new books every week, and the kids are playing learning games on the computer a few times a week. That’s enough.

6. A Criminal Minds marathon seems like a productive use of time. I don’t know why I got sucked into an entire day of Criminal Minds when I’ve seen every single episode but I could not stop watching. I’m not sure what the kids ate or did for those 12 hours. But they’re still alive and kicking so it all worked out in the end.

7. The oven hasn’t been turned on in 2 weeks & sub sandwiches have become a food group. It is way too hot to cook around these parts with strings of days over 100 degrees. I just cannot face turning on the oven. So I stock up on cold cuts, cheese, sub rolls, and toppings. I’m fairly certain the kids are planning a coup if I don’t make something different soon.

8. I’ve spent more money on sunscreen in the first month of summer than I did on school supplies all last year. I wish I was kidding. But this has been the hottest summer we’ve ever had and the pool is in direct sunlight for most of the day. So 3 hours spent at the pool requires all of us to be sprayed with sunscreen 3 times. I go through approximately 1 can of spray sunscreen every other day. So 4 cans a week at $7.60 each is…hang on, let me get my calculator… $30.40. Multiply that by the first 4 weeks of summer and I’ve spent $121.60 on sunscreen so far. 

9. Real clothes are optional. No seriously, they’re optional. The only time the kids put on real clothes is when we have to go out somewhere. If we’re at home we switch between swim suits and pajamas. Just the way I like it. 

10. Flip flops are the only shoes getting worn. I haven’t put on real shoes since June 11 and I don’t plan to until at least the end of August. In fact, the only person wearing real shoes in this house is Matt because he has to go to work and flip flops are frowned upon in the financial industry. I don’t think Mase or Zoey even have sneakers that fit them right now. 

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