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Turning A Formal Dining Room Into A Kid’s TV Space

Our house is bursting at the seams with kids at this point. And since moving to a larger house is not in our immediate future I have to find ways to make the best of the spaces we do have. This means not letting spaces be wasted- in our house the biggest waste of space is the formal dining room. It just never gets used and there’s no need for it in our life. What we do need is more space for the kids. We have 2 Xbox Game systems- a 360 and a Xbox One- but we only had one area set up for the kids to watch. Matt and I have a strict “No TV’s in the bedrooms policy” so we had to find another space. The only solution I could come up with was to get rid of the formal dining room and transform it into an area for the kids. But I was on a strict budget. I only had $100 budgeted for this transformation. 

I moved the big dining room table and the buffet into the breakfast nook and got rid of the smaller table. The dark brown chairs went to the nook also. I repurposed the old TV stand from the family room into a desk/school supply center. Then I shopped my house.


I bought the new rug at IKEA for $20- it’s a duplicate of the one I purchased for Ty’s room redo. I found the 3 black butterfly/papasan chairs on sale at Walmart for $15 each. That’s all I purchased new. I brought the IKEA cube bookcase out of the master bedroom to use as a TV stand. I took the wicker baskets out of the family room to use as a coffee table area. I already had the blankets and throw pillows. The lanterns were part of my Christmas decor that I kept out. 





For $65 I was able to completely transform this space into an area for the kids. The old laptop, printer, and all the school supplies are in the old TV stand for the kids to do their homework. The cream small boxes in the cabinets hold art supplies and extra school supplies. The white boxes in the bookcase contain movies, Xbox games, and books. The 2 red buckets have Mase’s Imaginext toys inside. I kept all of Mase’s Imaginext stuff in this space because he plays with them all the time and he likes to spread them out into a village. It’s easier to just have them down here than to lug them all back upstairs every day. I’m really happy with how this area turned out and the kids enjoy having an area just for them. I totally eliminated the constant fighting that was happening about the Xbox playing time between the little kids and Ty. Life is good!

**I’m always looking for good things to do with my older kids and Little Boy Movie sounds like something we can all agree on. Have you checked it out yet? 


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