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Day Four: Mixing Gray Sweater Vest & Brown Accessories



Some of my favorite outfits I find on Pinterest are simple ones. They don’t require much effort from me to put together and I usually have all the necessary pieces in my closet already. I can look put together and not have to spend any additional money. That’s a win when it doesn’t stretch my budget. I like classic styles with a little trendy thrown in. Today’s outfit definitely leans more classic.

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Inspiration Pin

I’ve never paired brown and gray before. I don’t know why, technically they’re both neutrals right? I really like the way they look together so I gave this outfit a try. I mean, seriously, could it be any easier than this one? It was the perfect outfit for our overcast and dreary Saturday errands.


1. Medium Distressed Vigoss Skinny Jeans: Nordstrom (sold out)- OPTION 1 & OPTION 2, bought for $34 on sale

2. White Top: Merona for Target Layering tee- HERE, bought for $9 on BOGO

3. Gray Sweater Vest: Kohl’s (not current season)- OPTION, bought for $18

4. Brown Scarf: Walmart- HERE, bought for $10.99

5. Brown Boots: Kohl’s (not current season)- OPTION 1 & OPTION 2, bought for $39.99

I like this outfit and I definitely plan to wear it again. I might try it with a black tissue tee under the gray sweater vest next time.

Remember, you can catch up with my 31 Day Series HERE if you miss a day!


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  • Anne @ I Need Some Inspiration

    I know what you mean about brown and gray! I should be more adventurous. They look good! Also, I totally raided your fashion inspiration Pinterest board, thanks! Ha! 🙂

    • It’s taken me until my mid-30’s…ok, late 30’s, to find some adventure in my wardrobe. Up until now it’s been comfy pants and tees because I was either pregnant, nursing, or covered in something sticky from a toddler. Now that my kids are older I’m finding my style again. Finally.