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Day Sixteen: Black Leggings & Chambray



I see all these great pins showing outfits with leggings. As I’ve mentioned I have thick muscular thighs and I’ve always tried to hide them so I never thought leggings would work for me. But then I kept hearing how comfy they are and how it’s like wearing pajamas in public and I was sold. I knew I had to at least give them a try. 

Black Jeans! Have all of this in my closet right now!

Inspiration Pin

There just isn’t an easier outfit to throw together than this one. I had all the pieces in my closet after I bought the leggings. I have to say- I love leggings. As long as I wear a long enough tunic or sweater to cover my booty and thighs I really like the look. I even snagged a few pairs of fleece lined ones for winter.



1. Black Leggings: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s- HERE; bought for $7.99 on sale

2. White Tank: Merona for Target Favorite Tank- HERE; bought for $7 on BOGO sale

3. Denim Tunic- H&M (sold out)- OPTION 1 & OPTION 2; bought for $29.95

4. Brown Boots: Zulily (not available)- OPTION 1 & OPTION 2; bought for $16.99

5. Orange necklace: Walmart (not available online)- OPTION 1 & OPTION 2; bought for $5

I just bought some chunky boot socks that I think would be fabulous with the leggings and boots. This outfit was so comfy. I can’t wait to try the leggings with a plaid shirtdress and boots. 

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*Have you seen the new clear bottom pouches by Capri Sun? I love them! Read about them HERE!


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  • Anne @ I need some inspiration

    Love this. Want to reproduce!

    • Anne @ I need some inspiration

      Oh, and I want to see plaid dress with leggings!

    • Do it!! It’s such a comfy outfit! I need to find myself a plaid long tunic to wear this winter with leggings!

  • Erin Downing

    Might be my favorite outfit yet. So cute! I wish everyone had the sense to wear a long top with their leggings though…especially the patterned variety. Yee-ikes there is some scary stuff out there! Fleece lined leggings are definitely on my shopping list.

    • It’s one of my favorites too. I was so comfy all day. I’ve seen some scary leggings scenes lately (mainly in Walmart). Crop tops and leggings do not mix. Nude leggings and tank tops do not mix. Bikini tops and leggings do not mix. Shudder. The fleece lined leggings are amazing! I have a pair of fur lined ones too that I might wear all winter long.