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The Bonds Of Friendship




There are very few things in life that can withstand the test of time like the bonds of a true friendship. Casual friends come and go with the ebb and flow of life but a true friendship is different. A true friendship is elastic–it can stretch without snapping. I was lucky enough to find such a friendship early in life when I became one side of a best friend triangle. For a decade we were inseparable, even calling each other’s parents mom and dad. My mom always warned me that things would be different when we had to attend different high schools but our friendship never changed. We remained very close, talked every day, and saw each other several times a week.   


As I get older I find myself reflecting back on how certain events in my youth shaped me into the person I am now. I also find myself wondering how differently I would have handled situations if I’d had a little more maturity. When the time came for us to go off to college we all chose different schools. But we were committed to maintaining our friendship, even planning our spring break and summer trips well in advance so we’d be sure to see each other. Unfortunately life doesn’t always follow the plan you have set in your mind. Our vision for the future included dual maids of honor at weddings, dual godmothers to future children, and raising trouble in a nursing home together when we were old and gray.


Our plans came to a crashing halt with one middle-of-the-night phone call delivering the devastating news that one side of our best friend triangle had been killed in a car accident.    I didn’t know how to handle my grief along with the grief of my other best friend as we mourned the loss of our sister in spirit. I know I didn’t handle it well. I pulled away, I shut her out, I closed myself off from everyone. It just hurt too badly to be near her, knowing what we had lost. For her part, she was doing the same thing so our friendship began to just fade away. We didn’t know how to go from being a triangle to a twosome.


The rift between us remained for years, until a chance meeting in our hometown almost a decade later brought us back together again. We slowly rebuilt our friendship, knowing it was never going to be the same but still wanting to recapture some of what we had lost. It took us several years to settle into a new friendship. It was different, we had to feel our way through our past and work through the loss before we could reclaim our friendship.   


As I’m getting older and I find myself reflecting more on the stuff I’ve gone through in my life I’ve started gravitating towards books that I can relate to on a different level. One author that always seems to hit me in the heart with her storylines is Kristin Hannah. She’s a #1 New York times bestseller, and her books which include Firefly Lane and Home Front, always seem to evoke strong emotions in me as I read.  She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, and she makes me reflect on my own life. I’ve been a huge fan of her writing for years, eagerly waiting for her newest novel to release. Her novels touch a chord with so many women—with stories that are emotionally rich and deal with real life issues that are universal. Her newest novel Fly Away is about love, family, motherhood, loss, and redemption… and mostly about best friends.


Oh, how I loved this book. I read the entire thing in one day because I couldn’t put it down. The kids ate cereal for dinner and went to bed 30 minutes late because I just could not put the book down. I want so badly to tell you all about it and why it hit my heart so hard but I don’t want to spoil the story for you. It’s one of those novels where you have to read it and experience it to get the full effect. Fly Away is the follow up novel to Firefly Lane, another favorite of mine.


Fly Away continues the story of Tully and Kate, best friends for three decades. I will tell you that I was sobbing like a baby by page 30. I am not a crier so for me that’s the sign of a good novel. The fear I have always had of what would happen to my kids and my family if I died is what made the novel so incredibly heart-wrenching for me personally. I could feel the pain of the characters and I could see the events happening to my own family. I wanted to reach through the page and shake a couple of the characters a few times because I could see what was coming. But I understood them. I understood why they made the decisions they did and why they chose to walk a particular path. When I finished the book I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I only have book hangovers when I read something that really makes me think and feel deeply. This book did both. I know so many of you share my taste in novels and I highly recommend this one. You don’t have to have read Firefly Lane first but I would. The story in Fly Away is so much more poignant if you start with Firefly Lane.   Now I’m going to call my best friend. 


Fly Away is now available in paperback. For a chance to win a copy and a $100 Visa gift card just leave an answer to the following question in the comments below: How did you meet your best friends?  You can visit their website to read an excerpt and watch a couple of videos that bring you into the world of Fly Away. 


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  • Most of my best and closest friends have been wives of some of my husbands close friends!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • Thomas Murphy

    I meet my best friend in high school.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  • Anna Pry

    my best friends were people i met at church pryfamily5@gmail.com

  • Julie

    I met my best friend in kindergarten thanks aunteegem@yahoo.com

  • Betty Curran

    I met my best friend when she moved in across the street from me.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Tabathia

    I met my best friend in my sophmore year in high school

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • bellows22

    i met my best friend in school

    debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com

  • AshleyTucker

    I met my best friend working at my first job.
    ajoy1332 at yahoo dot com

  • susan1215

    I met my best friend in high school. We stayed friends all through college and then she got married and moved away. We haven’t seen each other for a while but we still talk often

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  • Lee

    I met my best friend on my first job out of college.

    hlee99 at gmail dot com

  • neiddy

    I met my best friend in college. We had the same schedule and sat next to each other in every class. It all started because I needed help with some assignments and after a while we became friends and started spending more and more time together. 10 years later we are still best friends and happily married 🙂

  • sandra

    i like her honesty

  • Kerry

    We met while playing basketball together in high school.

  • erica best
  • erica best

    we meet at chuch when i was 5 and she was 6 we been friend over 20 years

  • Cheryl HeartnSoulmom

    I met my best friend in the laundry room, while in Home economics class. I walked in to throw a load of dish towels into the washer, and she was in there crying. I gave her a hug and listened as she vented about a trial she was going through. I offered her a little encouragement, and we became instant friends.

  • Eugenie

    In college, freshmen year.

    eugeniewu [at] gmail-dot-com

  • Wanda McHenry

    Oh my, I met my best friend when I was in grade school. I think it was the second grade can’t remember!

  • Wild Orchid

    I met my best friend in 2nd grade.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • hewella1

    We met in college.

  • rebeccagraham

    I met my besties in the first grade.

  • mysweetiepiepie

    I met my best friend in second grade and then we were in the same class for the next 12 years.

    Odd, that.

    Even odder that we always scored the exact same thing in IQ tests but always with high scores in different categories.

    The nuns actually put us in different rooms for testing at one point, but we still scored exactly the same…

  • JessieC

    I met my best friend in high school, it was a funny and long story, all sweet memories.

  • rachel

    I was attending a new high school and my best friend sat near me in English and was nice enough to talk to the new girl. 🙂

  • At this point in my life, I think my parents are my best friends. And I don’t remember meeting them, but I’ve always been pretty fond of them. 😉


  • onefrugalgirl

    I met my closest friends in my neighborhood growing up. Later in college!

    onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  • theniftyfoodie

    I met my best friend in college.

  • mami2jcn


  • mami2jcn

    I met my best friend in high school.

  • Elena Istomina



  • Elena Istomina

    I met my best friend in college


  • Lisa Brown

    I met my best friend ever (my husband) at work, or a job I had many years ago.

  • Emily Janz

    I’m afraid to read those books – best friends are a touchy subject for me right now. In 4 weeks my best friend of over 20 years is taking her family (including 2 little girls) and moving literally to the other side of the world. Our friendship has weathered a lot of storms but her not being here for this season of my life is something I can’t think about without tears. I fear I would not be able to stop crying if I read those books! But I will add them to my goodreads for maybe one day when I don’t cry every 3 minutes!

  • Erin Downing

    I needed a new book to read, so thank you for the recommendations! I met my oldest best friend when we were 4 and her dad became the new pastor at the church my parents and I attended. When we were 14, they moved a few hours away to pastor another church, so we didn’t get to go to high school together. We stayed in touch and frequently visited, then roomed together in college. Four years of rooming together took it’s toll, and we didn’t see much of each other for a few years. Then, we moved within a few blocks of each other and got together for a somewhat awkward lunch, but the rest is history. We’ve been thick as thieves since and I am so thankful to have her as my friend. There is something to be said for a friendship that has lasted 34 years.