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Finding Fun Activities For Kids On Pinterest


Finding fun ideas to keep my kids entertained during the last little bit of winter has become a full time job for me. I would like to keep them from watching hours of shows on their tablets or playing mindless video games all day. The kids are tired of pretty much every toy they own and they have begun to express their displeasure at being cooped up inside loudly and frequently. I ran through my entire repertoire of activities already and I’ve been reduced to playing endless games of Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders. Seriously, those games go on forever! I’m reasonably confident that one more game of Candy Land will be the end of me. So I started searching Pinterest for ideas and I found a whole bunch of really great boards full of ideas to entertain my kids. Today I want to share with you 5 great boards to follow on Pinterest.  





1. Preschool Daycare– I found so many great ideas on this Pinterest board, including easy craft ideas, simple games, holiday themed ideas, and printables. The board has 151 pins right now and has so many great ideas to engage your kids. I love finding homeschool and home daycare boards because they tend to have a bunch of educational and fun crafts and activities for kids.   


2. Kids Fun– My kids are really interested in Science and this board has a lot of ideas for simple Science experiments for small kids. It also has some great ideas for pretend play activities, which admittedly are not my strong point so all new ideas are greatly appreciated!  

3. Disney’s The Pirate Fairy– I’ve mentioned before how much my kids adore anything pirate themed so this board is a no-brainer for us. I’m always searching for new ideas to incorporate pirates into activities in this house. I can’t wait to buy the all new Tinker Bell movie from the World of Peter Pan now available on Blu-ray™ and Digital HD. I know my kids are going to adore it. I’m going to use this board to find ideas to throw a fun pirate themed party for the movie release. Check the Facebook page for more information.   


4. Toddler Approved– This board is the mecca of all kids activities. It has over 3,000 different pins full of crafts and activities for kids ages 0-6. It includes learning activities, sensory play, easy crafts, and so much more. This is a great board to follow if you have small kids and need some inspiration on how to keep them busy and engaged.  


5. Creative Fun– I found some of the best ideas on this board. It has pins for everything from easy Science experiments, to crafts from household materials, to outdoor game ideas and so much more. I discovered how to make Rainbow slime and Rainbow foam dough from this board!   


I’ve already tried a bunch of ideas from these boards and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the cool activities I want to do with my kids. If you’re looking for some fun ways to keep your kids entertained and busy during these last few weeks of questionable weather I highly recommend these 5 Pinterest boards!



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  • Nysha

    Thanks for sharing the boards! I’m always looking for fun things to do with my 3 year old.