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6 Reasons I Love Spring Break

Yesterday started our week of Spring Break and I am so excited. No really, I’m so ready! I remember when all my kids were little and Spring Break seemed like an albatross around my neck. Entertain all the little kids for a week? Oy. But now that they are all getting older? Spring Break rocks. 


6 Reasons I Love Spring Break


1. Sleeping in. And not the sarcastic “oh I slept in until 7am this morning” kind of sleeping in either. The real, oh-my-gosh is it really 9am kind of sleeping in. I love having older kids who don’t wake up early. Or if they do wake up early they don’t wake me up early. Maia is an early riser but she gets her own breakfast, walks the dog, and entertains herself. Mase and Zoey both sleep in when we don’t have to wake them up for school. They usually don’t get up until around 8:30 or 9 if they wake up naturally. Matt is so good to me, he leaves them cups of juice in the fridge and breakfast bars on the table so they eat before waking me up. Ty….well we won’t see him before noon. And nobody gets into trouble because they all know another sibling will tattle on them when mom gets up. It’s the perfect system. Yesterday they slept in until 9:20. 



2. No schedules, no plans. We don’t plan anything during Spring Break week. No vacations, no days full of stuff, nothing. The kids play outside, we go to the park, we go for frozen yogurt, we might go to the movies….but nothing is scheduled. It’s all spontaneous and fun. 


3. Cupcakes for dinner and ice cream for dessert. We pick one night during Spring Break and let the kids eat whatever they want for dinner. Even if it’s cupcakes and ice cream. They get to choose. I think it’s their favorite night of the year.


4. No bedtime battles. We fight a hard bedtime battle around here. The little kids are in bed by 7:30 normally and asleep by 8 on most nights. But Matt doesn’t get home from work until 6:30 or a little later which does not leave much time for dinner and showers before we have to start the bedtime routine. During Spring Break there is no bedtime. They can eat dinner, take a shower, and still have time to spend with daddy. We might even take an evening stroll to the park. They get to take their Kindle’s to bed and watch a show before falling asleep. Everyone is happy.


5. Less laundry. On a normal school day the kids wear their nice clothes to school then come home and change into play clothes to go outside and then of course, pajamas at night time. Doesn’t sound like much but when it’s 3 kids doing it that’s a lot of laundry! During Spring Break they just start out in play clothes….and some days might just stay in pajamas! 


6. A special treat at the end. The kids don’t know it yet but Matt took the Thursday and Friday of Spring Break off so we can do some fun stuff as a family. Plus, on Saturday we are driving up to see my parents and Cam along with my sister’s family. We’re going to celebrate Easter together and we are taking the kids’ Easter baskets with us. We’re planning a big BBQ and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I can’t wait! And we just bought a Mifi for the car so the kids can watch movies on their tablets during the drive, which means Matt and I don’t have to listen to kiddie movies blaring through the radio speakers. I love technology.


I love Spring Break. 


I’m going to do another one of my Easy Pirate Treasure Hunts this week. Have you tried one yet? And if you’ve run out of Spring Break ideas, don’t forget about all the great kids activities I have pinned to 5 of my favorite boards! While the kids are playing you can always use my tips for organizing a closet in your house and get a jump on the Spring cleaning!




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  • rorybore

    I am so green with envy.
    My kids wake up even earlier on holidays and weekends. Even if we keep them up late — they still don’t sleep in. Now, I am not so unlucky that it is like 5 am or anything – but still: could it kill them to get on board this whole holiday thing? Especially since I am still at the stage of entertain them All The Hours and Do All The Things.
    I need a spring break – just for me.

  • Sara Torabi

    My kids are 15, 12 & 10. I love Spring Break for exactly the same reasons as you. The hubby is out of town for work most of this week and we’ve been taking it easy. I try to accomplish a little something each day but there’s no “schedule” like our normal weeks.

  • Jenni Casey

    Days with no alarm clocks are the best days! Enjoy Spring Break! My kids are out next week! We’ve got a list of things to do but nothing scheduled so we can do things at our own pace.