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Scenes From Snopocolypse 2014

If you’re following me on Instagram then you saw a few of the images I shared from the big snow storm that hit our city last week. We ended up with just under a foot of snow and about a half an inch of ice from sleet. Just to put that into perspective for those of you who are in the North- we’ve lived here for 9 years and we’ve never seen more than 2 inches of snow. On top of that it rarely, if ever, snows more than once per winter. So this was a big deal down here. 




 The snow started falling around noon on Tuesday and shortly after the first flake hit the ground I got the call that school was letting out  2 hours early. 




 The snow was still pretty light but falling steadily as I waited at the bus stop for the kids. At this point we were all very skeptical of the 10-12 inches of snow prediction. It’s been over a decade since our city saw that kind of a snow storm. So we all rolled our eyes, laughed a little, bought a few extra bottles of wine, and settled in for a snow day or two. 





By the time Matt got home a few hours later we were around an inch or so of snow on our back deck but really nothing was on the roads yet. Schools were called off the next day in anticipation of the storm to come. The kids went to bed reluctantly with the promise that they could build a snowman the next day. I went to bed hopeful that it would snow enough that Matt would stay home and be the one building that snowman instead of me. 





By mid-morning on Wednesday it was snowing steadily and starting to accumulate. The kids were giddy with excitement. Matt and I were eyeing the forecast with some trepidation and hoping we weren’t going to be snowed in for days with 4 kids. By early afternoon the kids had convinced us to take them outside to play in the snow. Y’all- it was scene. Let me remind you, we are not prepared for a snow storm. We do not own snow suits or boots. We had to improvise with layers of clothing. Zoey had to wear Mase’s old sneakers with ziploc bags covering them, Maia’s old gloves, and my scarf. We looked ridiculous.














The kids quickly realized that snow is a lot more fun in theory. Zoey did not appreciate the fact that the snow was both wet and cold. She was really offended when a clump fell off a tree and landed on her head.  I managed to get in a couple of pictures with the kids this year. 








Matt found an old sled in the garage but it was more work than fun with this type of snow. A couple of times up and down the driveway was enough for the kids. Zoey was very insistent that she was not sitting on that sled. 






It didn’t take long before the kids were ready to go inside and warm up with hot chocolate. We watched the snow continue to fall for hours, then transition into sleet, and then back to snow again. 





The kids managed to convince Matt to take them out again on Thursday. By Thursday around lunchtime we had around 10 inches of snow and it was still coming down so mom was happy to stay inside and watch through the window with a cup of hot coffee. 




















The kids were out of school the rest of last week and finally went back on Monday. Matt stayed home Wednesday and Thursday and went into work for a few hours on Friday. It was a long week but we were lucky- we never lost power and we didn’t lose heat. So all in all- we survived. It was fun and I’m glad the kids enjoyed it. We baked cookies, watched movies, and stayed in our jammies all day. And now I’m ready for Spring. 


The End.



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  • rorybore

    Awww – I was hoping to see a snowman. Is that what they are building in the last couple of pics? I just am amazed that your backyard looks like my Canadian north backyard.

  • Emily Janz

    You have had more snow then we have in the great frozen North. There is a reason why I live in the Wetcoast – I mean the Westcoast! I would much rather have rain then snow.