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5 Weekly Random Thoughts

1. Matt brought me the most beautiful bouquet of brightly colored tulips for Valentine’s Day. I’m so thankful for a husband who knows to bring me tulips instead of roses. A friend of mine rolled her eyes and scoffed that tulips are not romantic like roses. But you know what is romantic? A man who knows his wife well enough to know that tulips will make her smile simply because he remembered that tulips are her favorite. Period.



2. It’s almost swim suit season, y’all. You know what that means? In my house it means “put down the cheeseburger, Fatty McFaterson”. It’s back to salads and those Healthy Choice steamer meals for me. I have to admit, I feel much better when I’m eating right and honestly those Healthy Choice meals are really good. Plus this year, we have 2 beach vacations and my sister’s wedding so I need to be skinny enough to fit in my bridesmaid dress. That’s motivation.



3. Insomnia is going to kill me. Is that possible? Death by insomnia? I had several nights in a row this week where I saw every hour between midnight and 5am. This is ridiculous. I’ve tried Ambien, OTC sleep aids, having a set bedtime routine…I’m about one night short of going for hypnosis. Because seriously- mama with no sleep is a bitchy mama. 


4. Speaking of insomnia, one night during my insomnia-fest I ended up shopping on my iPhone apps. I got some great deals for the kids for spring and summer. Sneakers at H&M for Mase and Zoey for $6 each, dresses at H&M for Zoey for $4, shirts for Mase at H&M for $2.45 each…you just can’t beat those prices. I also got great deals at Children’s Place- short sleeve graphic tees for Zoey, Mase, & Maia for $3.75 each plus free shipping! 



5. Do you love free stuff? Have you entered for a chance to win one of the giveaways going on right now? You have a chance to win a $1,000 Target Gift Card, $1,000 Visa Gift Card, or a $100 Visa Gift Card! What are you waiting for?




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  • Reece

    Have you ever tried melatonin, Its natural and you don’t feel sleepy the next day. Also there is a natural product called Mid-nite you can get either of these almost at any store. They have really worked great for our family. Hope you get some rest!

  • rorybore

    Gerbera daisies are my favourite. but being a garden nut – I wouldn’t really turn down any flower. But I prefer hubby save the Valentines money and give me a big chunk in the summer to do my gardens.

    Insomnia – yup. I have got the high score several times on Bejeweled Blitz tho. so there’s that.

  • Francie @ Escovedo Escapades

    Tulips are my favorite too. Besides, everybody get roses! Who wants the same thing as everyone else?

  • Erin Downing

    Romance is in the eye of the beholder. Those tulips are just gorgeous! Spring in a vase!