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Fast & Easy Weeknight Fish Tacos

Do you ever have those evenings when you get home late, attempt to start dinner, and then realize you are missing an ingredient….or three? That happens to me more often than I’d like to admit- mainly because I have a pack of hungry wild animals living in this house who scavenge for food every chance they get. I’m not kidding. I saw my oldest eating tuna straight out the can the other day. There went dinner for that evening- it was supposed to go into my tuna noodle casserole. So I’ve learned to keep the ingredients for several quick and easy dinners hidden so I have an alternative dinner on those crazy nights. One of those dinners is Fish Tacos- the kids love them and I can throw them together quickly.








1 box crispy fish tenders

1 pkg tortillas

1 bag steamed sweet corn

1 cup chunky salsa

2 cups shredded cheese- I used Fiesta blend

8 oz sour cream




1. Cook fish tenders according to directions.

2. Mix cooked sweet corn with salsa.

3. Place 2 fish tenders end to end in each tortilla.

4. Top with corn mix, cheese, and sour cream.


The fish tenders took 23 minutes to cook and I had the dinner on the table in 30 minutes. Matt was unsure about a fish taco made with crispy fish tenders but the corn salsa mix really made it delicious. My whole family cleaned their plates and even asked for seconds- do you know how rare it is for me to make something that every single person in this house not only eats but actually likes? It’s a magical moment indeed.



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