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The Books On My Kindle

It’s not a secret that I love to read but I don’t think I’ve ever done a full post on the books I love to read. How is that possible? Last year I bought the Kindle Fire HD when it was newly released to replace my old first generation Nook reader. I love the Kindle Fire HD. Love it. I love it so much that I plan to upgrade to the new Kindle Fire HDX sometime around Christmas time. I use my Kindle every day and I’ve accumulated quite a collection of books in the last year. Today I wanted to share some of the books I’ve enjoyed reading and some of the book series that I love. I freely admit to be a romance book junkie- but I also enjoy other genres too. I like mysteries, humor, paranormal….I just love to read. 


Series I Love:


Christine Feehan’s Carpathian Series– this is probably one of my most loved series of books. It’s paranormal vampire with a twist. I have every book in this series and I re-read them frequently. Dark Prince is the first book and sets up the rest of the series. 


J.D. Robb’s In Death Series– another one of my most favorite series. I have been reading these since the very first one was published back in 1995! There’s 38 books in the series, I think, and every one of them is fantastic! It’s futuristic but done so well that it doesn’t seem outlandish. The romance is hot and the action is fast-paced. Naked in Death is the first in the series and sets up the rest of the series. 


Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series– I love books that make me laugh out loud while I’m reading them and I laugh at every one of the books in this series. Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter- a really bad bounty hunter whose car gets bombed on a regular basis. The supporting cast of characters in this series are hysterical and the main love interests are HOT! One for the Money is the first book in the series. You don’t have to read them in order but I recommend you do. 


Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series– another series that I own every book released. I pre-order her books because they are just so good! It’s paranormal vampire but with a twist again. The main character, Cat, is a bad ass and you know how I love a good bad ass chick. This series is full of action and romance. Halfway to the Grave in the first book in the series and this series does need to be read in order. 


Those are the main series that I read- the ones that I buy every single book on the day it’s released and stay up way too late to finish reading each one.  I have some other favorite author’s that I will read just about anything they release.


Dee Henderson- she is a Christian author and I fell in love with her O’Malley series and then her Uncommon Heroes series after that. Her last few books have not technically been part of either series but they tie in with them and they are soooo good. I love her writing style. If you love romance books but don’t want to read the smutty ones you should check out Dee Henderson. She quotes some scripture in her books but it’s seamlessly woven into the story lines and every story has an element of faith in it. Her O’Malley series is probably one of my favorite series of books of all time. 


Kathleen Brooks- I have really enjoyed her Bluegrass series. They are super cheap on Kindle ($2.99-3.99 each) and really good for the price. The stories are romance with some suspense and action mixed in. The first one is Bluegrass State of Mind and it’s free on Kindle. This series revolves around a town and a family so you should read them in order. 


Dianne Duvall- I discovered her Immortal Guardian series by accident and they are really good books! Again, paranormal vampire with a twist. They are heavy on the action and romance and I’ve read all of them. Darkness Dawns is the first in the series and they should be read in order. 


Kristen Proby- Her With Me In Seattle series is another one I found accidentally and fell in love with. Again- the prices are great (around $3.99 each) and each book gets better and better. Great romance, hot alpha males, and some drama. I highly recommend them! Come Away With Me is the first book and you should read them in order. The series is about a family and it has some really hysterical scenes that had me laughing out loud. 


Lila Felix- I adore her Love & Skate series. It’s more new adult and I was hooked from the very first chapter of the first book. The storylines revolve around one family and they are just fantastic! Again- very reasonably priced in the Kindle store- the first one is even free!  You should read these in order. 


Quinn Loftis- Her first book in The Grey Wolves series was one of the first freebie’s I downloaded to my new Kindle and I was hooked. It’s definitely a young adult series and the main female characters are a little ditzy but the books are good. It’s a wolf shifter series and I love me some wolf shifters….The first book is Prince of Wolves and is still free. You should definitely read these in order. 


Shelly Crane- Her Significance series is another one that I found because the first book was a freebie. And it’s soooo good. It’s another young adult series. It’s paranormal romance but no wolves/vampires. It’s a soul mate book and I loved it. The first book is Significance and it’s still free on Kindle. You should definitely read them in order. 


I have so many books on my Kindle y’all. I have well over 1500 books and out of those I have about 400 that I haven’t even read yet! I buy them when they go on sale for $0.99-$2 and save them to read later. It’s an addiction.  I finally made a Favorites collection on my iPhone Kindle app to keep track of my favorite books that I want to re-read. If you’re looking for a single book instead of a series- here are a few I recommend.


Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.  I laughed the whole way through this book. It was hysterical but definitely not a young/new adult book. Lots of sex and lots of adult humor. Not for the faint of heart prudish types. 


Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. This book is all kinds of messed up and full of drama- which is exactly why I loved it so much. Sometimes you just need a drama filled angsty book that makes you scream. This was that book for me!


Chasing McCree by J.C. Isabella. This is a young adult book with some adult themes in it. The main characters were really easy for me to relate to and I was sucked right into their story. It’s a great read for only $0.99. 


Fallen Crest High by Tijan. Something about the way this author writes her main male characters just speaks to me. I don’t know why, maybe because I see a sliver of them in some of the men in my own life. I don’t know. But I love her books. Fallen Crest High is the first in a series with Fallen Crest Family following it and Fallen Crest Public due out in December. I also really loved her newest book, Carter Reed. I love me some alpha males, clearly.


Wait For You by J.Lynn. Oh my gosh. This was one of those books that I devoured from cover to cover in a few hours. I could not put it down. Having been through some similar issues in my own life I really related to the main character. The second book is out now and I just bought it yesterday. The third one comes out in February, I think. 


So now that you know what kinds of books I love to read, do you have any suggestions for me? What have you read lately that you enjoyed?


**None of the links in this post are affiliate nor am I being compensated for any of them in any way**







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