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Organizing Kid’s Clothes Efficiently




This house was overflowing with kid’s clothes. Different sizes, different seasons, different styles….it was ridiculous and something had to be done. I dreaded doing the laundry because I knew there was no space in the closets to put the clean clothes away. So the clean clothes ended up staying in the laundry basket in the floor of the hallway. Can you imagine what happened next? The kids would go in search of a specific shirt and clean laundry would be strewn from one end of the hall to the other. I would end up re-washing clothes that had just been washed. Ridiculous, I tell you.


When I redid all the kids’ bedrooms this summer I cleaned out all the closets and drawers. My goal for the big clean out of the house was to simplify our lives and to be free of excess clutter. I knew that in order to achieve this goal the kid’s clothes were going to need to be organized better. 


I started in Mase and Zoey’s closet because we were switching rooms. Maia moved into Zoey’s old nursery and Zoey moved in with Mase. While we finished this move I removed every single thing from the closets. We are lucky to have a fairly large closet in Mase and Zoey’s shared room so I can fit all of their clothes and accessories in there without needing another storage option like a chest of drawers. I was able to maximize space in the closet and still have room for some of their bulkier toys.




The first step was to go through every item of clothing I had hanging up. Mase had 37 short sleeve tees hanging up in his closet. 37. Really? Granted they were 2 different sizes and I didn’t buy a lot of them but still….37. Especially considering he only wore 8 of those on a regular basis. Insanity, I tell you. Any shirt he hadn’t worn in the past year did not go back in the closet. I made him try on the ones I was unsure about keeping and if he was close to outgrowing it then it did not go back in the closet either. I did the same thing with shorts and then moved on to pants and jeans. Finally I followed the same process for long sleeved shirts. It took me a full day to get through all of his clothes but once I was done I had a huge pile of clothes that were not going back in his closet. 


I repeated the process with Zoey’s clothes the next day. Finally it was time to organize the closet to maximize space and efficiency. I grabbed two tupperware storage tubs to use for out of season clothes. Storing out of season clothes on an upper shelf allows me so much more space to organize! I limited each kid to one tub- anything that didn’t fit in one tub had to go. I also store seasonal accessories, shoes to grow into, etc in a basket on the same upper shelf. Zoey has 6 pairs of shoes in that basket just waiting for her to grow into. 


In the little kids’ closet I chose to hang pretty much everything. I’ve found that folding their clothes pretty much assures me they will be all over the room about an hour after I put them away. Lessons learned, folks, lessons learned. I bought small bins from IKEA to hold their socks and undies and I fold their pajamas on the shelf. They both have play clothes folded on the shelf as well….this is mainly for the days when Matt dresses them to play outside. Red mud stains are forever, y’all.  It’s so easy now to lay out clothes for school every night. Not to mention it only takes me a few minutes to put away their laundry!




I repeated the same process in Maia’s closet but I also put a small chest of drawers in her closet. The chest has 4 drawers: undies, socks, & pj’s; jeans & pants; play clothes; out of season clothes. Maia can put her own clothes away and it’s so much easier for her now that everything has a place. Cleaning out even made enough room to put some of her bulkier toys on the shelf and to add a small 3 shelf bookcase to hold all her books. Her room stays so clean and organized now!


To avoid a repeat of the way the closets used to be I sort through the kids clothes every time I do the laundry. Outgrown, ripped, or stained items are removed immediately instead of waiting until the closet is overflowing and it becomes a massive job. I’ve also become very aware of just how many items of clothing my kids have and I buy accordingly. I keep a running list on my phone of what each child needs so when I find a sale I can know with a quick glance who needs what. This keeps me from overbuying and saves quite a bit of money in the long run!


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