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Organizing Household Files Easily



Quite awhile back I shared with y’all how I turned a basic storage ottoman into a household file ottoman. That post has been pinned and visited a lot so I wanted to do a short recap and update on my system for my 31 Day Series.




A few months ago when I redid the family room I moved the ottoman upstairs into the master bedroom. I knew I would never ever file papers if I had to walk upstairs to do it. Clearly I have come to terms with my inherent laziness…dare I say I have embraced it? So I had to come up with another option. We had 2 wicker baskets that were empty in the family room and wouldn’t you know- I had an empty crate left over from when I redid Zoey and Mase’s new shared bedroom. The crate just happened to fit perfectly inside the wicker basket. It was meant to be. Obviously.




The crate was smaller than the ottoman so I had cut down on the amount of files I had in the main file box. When I made my Everyday File System I did away with the monthly tickler files in the main file box. I also consolidated the medical files so we have one main file for each year instead of a file for each person for every year. I checked online to see what information I could access if needed so I could shred some of the bank records I was keeping in the file box. Just doing those simple things freed up enough space to allow all the files to fit in the crate easily.


For a recap, here is how I have organized my files:


Label 1: Utilities

Subsections: Water Bills, Power Bills, Gas Bills, Cellphone/TV


Label 2: Household

Subsections: Maintenance, Lawn Service, Irrigation Service, Pest Control Service, Security System


Label 3: Vehicles

Subsections: My Minivan, Matt’s car, Taxes & Registrations


Label 4: Mase School

Subsections: Pre-K, Kindergarten


Label 5: Maia School

Subsections: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade


Label 6: Ty School

Subsections: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd grade, etc


Label 7: Medical

Subsections: 2012, 2011, 2010


Label 8: Medical

Subsections: 2009, 2008, 2007


Label 9: Past Medical

Subsections: Matt, Delia, Ty, Cam, Maia


Label 10: Pets

Subsection: Bailey


Label 11: Insurance

Subsections: Car, House, Life, Medical


Label 12: Vital Records

Subsections: Social Security Cards & Birth Certificates, Personal Records, Deeds & Titles, My Adoption Records
{Note: We only keep copies of the SS Cards, Birth Certificates, Deeds & Titles, Wills & Health Care proxies in our files. The originals are locked in a safety deposit box}


Label 13: Adoption Records

Subsections: Ty, Cam, Adoption Assistance


Label 14: Taxes

Subsections: 2012, 2011, 2010


Label 15: Taxes

Subsections: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006


Label 16: Loans
Subsections: Mortgage, Equity Line, Car, Personal, Matt school, Delia school


Label 17: Financial
Subsections: Pay Stubs, 401K, 529’s, IRA’s, CD’s, Stocks


Label 18: Banking
Subsections: Checking, Savings, Credit Cards


This system is working really well for me so far and I still have easy access to the files in the wicker basket. And if I outgrow this crate I have a whole other empty wicker basket right next to the current one!


You can see all the posts in my 31 Day Series HERE. New posts are added daily.



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