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Organization Ideas For The Kid’s Bathroom



The curse of our house, after the small pantry of course, is the bathroom that serves as the bathroom for overnight guests and the main bathroom for all of our kids. Did you just shudder in horror? I know, I did too. Clearly I was blinded by the hot tub on the back deck and the superior master bathroom when we were house hunting. Of course, we only had 3 small children back then so I didn’t fully understand the hassle of having multiple children sharing one small bathroom with only one sink.


When I did a complete makeover of this bathroom earlier in the summer I made some strategic decision to help with not only the appearance but the organization. The first change I made was to have the kids hang their towels in their rooms instead of using towel racks in the bathroom. I bought them each a different color towel and installed hooks inside their closet doors for their towels. The guest towels are kept in the linen closet now. Just that small change made all the difference in keeping the bathroom neat and organized.


5 kids create a lot of clutter- even though technically only 4 kids live here full time we keep toiletries for Cam in the bathroom for when he comes to stay with us. I needed a way to organize the most used items to simplify our morning and evening routines.  The bathroom only has one sink and one small vanity so some creativity was necessary.




One of the big issues was toothbrush storage- do you know how many new toothbrushes I have had to buy to replace ones that got knocked into the toilet by another kid? A lot. I bought a small rail from IKEA and 4 plastic hanging baskets to hang on the wall near the sink. Each kid has a plastic basket to hold their personal toothbrush and toothpaste. I can’t even tell you how many arguments have been eliminated now that all the kids have their own tube of toothpaste! No more- she didn’t wipe the lid or he squeezed it from the middle or he licked the top of the tube….shudder.




Having the toothbrushes and toothpaste out of the way cleared off quite a bit of clutter from the sink top but it wasn’t enough. Because kids require stuff and in our house that stuff includes combs, brushes, deodorant, hair products….just a lot of stuff. I bought 4 small baskets that fit side by side underneath the sink. Each kid has their own basket to hold their products and each kid is responsible for putting their stuff away each morning and evening. I even bought an extra basket to hold items such as unopened shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc. I can easily see what needs to be added to the shopping list with just one glance.




I never thought this bathroom would be neat and tidy on a regular basis. It seemed like an unattainable dream! It’s so nice to not worry about the state of the bathroom when we have last minute guests show up at the house.


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