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How To Organize A Recipe Collection




I have a huge collection of recipes but I was so disorganized that I found myself rotating between the same 5 or 6 dinner recipes every week. Even the kids were tired of the same old spaghetti and they love spaghetti. It seemed like such a waste to have all these delicious recipes gathering dust or lost in cyber space instead of trying them out. When I set out to organize our whole life this summer I made a plan to organize my recipes too. 






I gathered all my favorite recipes that were written on slips of paper or marked in a cookbook or torn out of a magazine. I sorted them into piles: main dishes, sides, appetizers, desserts and beverages. I used the website Key Ingredient as my virtual cookbook. You can create categories and collections of your own recipes. I searched through a lot of websites before deciding on this one and what finally made me choose it was the app. I can look up any recipe I need on my laptop, my tablet, and my phone app. So if I need to double check a recipe’s ingredients while I’m at the grocery store it only takes me a second to look it up on the app I have on my phone.  


It took me a few weeks to get all my recipes typed in and saved on the website but it was worth the effort. I was able to get rid of all those big cookbooks and random recipes torn out of magazines and written on napkins. Once I got started I added a few more categories: Thanksgiving, Holiday, and Breakfast. 


So that took care of my big collection of recipes that we had tried and liked over the years but what about the enormous pile of recipes I hadn’t tried out yet? I didn’t want to add them to my Key Ingredient cookbook until I knew they were something I would make again. Remember my Magazine Reference Binder I showed you? I have a section in there just for recipes. Whenever I see a recipe in a magazine that I want to try I tear it out and add it to a page protector in the binder. Once I try it I either toss it out if it was something I won’t make again or I go ahead and enter the recipe into my cookbook on Key Ingredient and toss out the paper copy. 


I also created a new board on Pinterest for recipes I want to try. Any recipes I see online I save to my recipes to try board. Once I try a recipes we like I add it to my Key Ingredient cookbook and move it to my dinner recipe board on Pinterest. Having a separate board for all those delicious looking dinner recipes that I know I want to try has made it so much easier to plan my menus! Tomorrow I will be sharing exactly how I plan my monthly meal plans. 


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