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How To Maintain A Clutter Free Home




Over the past 30 days I have shared with you how I de-cluttered my whole house and my whole life. That was the easy part. Well, not easy but easier than maintaining it! In 60 days I went through every single bin, bucket, basket, drawer, cabinet, and closet in this house. I got rid of about 60% of the stuff we had accumulated over the years. Stuff we didn’t even know we had! It feels great…but now I have to maintain the clutter-free environment.


5 Easy Steps To Keep The House Decluttered


1. Clean out the fridge, pantry, and cabinets every time you grocery shop. I do this before I go to the grocery store so I can make note of what I need to replace. I throw out anything that’s expired or almost empty. I also get rid of any excess of those grocery store plastic bags and take them with me to recycle them. I always know exactly what is in my pantry and fridge/freezer. It makes meal planning so much easier!


2. Keep a running list of the clothes and shoes the kids need. When I cleaned out Maia’s closet I found 6 plain white long sleeve tees. 6 in the same size. 3 had tags still attached. So now I keep a list in an app on my phone of what each kid needs and every time I buy something off the list I delete that item. My kids have clothes that match and their closets stay organized


3. Set a time limit on magazines and newspapers. I’m working towards getting rid of all my subscriptions that are not e-subs but for now, I still have a bunch of magazines coming in the mail each month. I give myself that month to read them and then they have to go. So all of the magazines I get in August will be tossed by September 1st. Anything I want to save I tear out and file in my Magazine Reference Binder


4. Go through the mail immediately. I am notoriously bad for letting the mail stack up on the counters and I’ve had to make a real effort to break that habit. Now I open the mail over the trash can so junk mail and excess paper gets thrown away immediately. Bills get entered in the Bill Paying section of my Household Management Binder. Anything that requires action gets done within 24 hours. I still have a hard time with this one but I’ll tell you- I’ve noticed such a huge difference in my kitchen since I’ve started doing this. My counters are clear and clean. It feels great.


5. Find a home for everything. If it doesn’t have a home, it doesn’t get to stay. It’s that simple. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you will get rid of if you adopt that philosophy. I had a great serving platter that was really too big to fit in my kitchen. It floated around the house being stashed in different locations until one day I decided if I could not find a real home to store it then it had to go. After looking around and really thinking about it I decided to give it to my sister. I had no room to store it, the platter only got used once or twice a year, and I truly didn’t need it. So off it went. 


De-cluttering the house doesn’t happen overnight. For me it was a long process that left me frustrated and annoyed on many occasions. The end result however? Worth all the hassle and now that I know how good it feels to live in a de-cluttered space I am committed to never going back!


Thanks for joining me on my 31 Day Journey to an Organized Life. If you missed a post you can see all of them right HERE




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