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How To Easily Organize Your Kid’s DVD Collection



Over the years we have accumulated quite the collection of DVD’s in this house. 5 kids of varying ages pretty much guarantees a wide selection of DVD’s- we have everything from Dora the Explorer to the Harry Potter series. Keeping them all organized and contained is a chore. Years ago when we turned the living room into a second family room we moved all the kid’s movies into that space to help with the massive DVD clutter we had in the main family room.


It still wasn’t enough. The kids would take DVD’s out of the cases and just leave them lying around everywhere. It was a huge chore to go back and organize 100 DVD’s into the proper cases a couple of times a week. Something had to give- either the clutter or my mind.




The first step was to go through every single DVD. We separated them into piles- keep, donate, and trash. The DVD’s that none of the kids watched anymore were set aside to be donated or passed down to one of our nephews. The ones that were broken or scratched beyond repair were trashed. Once we had the huge pile consolidated into one keep pile we got to work organizing them.


I knew I wanted to get rid of the cases. They just take up too much room and they really are not needed. I also knew I did not want to use those paper CD sleeves because the DVD’s would end up broken. I settled on the thin plastic CD jewel cases and bought a huge box of them on Amazon. I think I paid $10 for 200 cases.


The kids helped me sort the DVD’s into categories. To simplify life I chose the following categories:


*Series- includes Dora, Scooby, Curious George, Caillou, etc.

*Disney- our favorite Disney movies

*Animated- the animated movies that are not made by Disney

*Kids- non animated movies such as Aliens in the Attic

*Teen- such as the Harry Potter series


Once I had the categories, we sorted again and created 3 different piles of each section. So I had 3 piles of DVD’s for the Series section, 3 piles for the Disney section, and so on. One pile went directly into the DVD box I bought from IKEA to be stored on the entertainment center. The second and third piles went into identical IKEA boxes to be stored in the red cabinet in the living room. Every month or so I rotate the boxes so the kids always have fresh movies to watch without having too many choices creating clutter.




We’ve been using this system for a few months now and it’s working. The plastic jewel cases are easy enough for even Zoey to open and close so all the kids are expected to put their DVD away when they are done watching. The best part? Pop on the lid and all the DVD’s are hidden- much better and neater than all those colorful plastic DVD cases!




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