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Finding A Place For Everything



One thing I realized while cleaning out my house was that keeping the house clean is much easier when everything has a home. When items don’t have a home they just get pushed into a pile and moved from room to room throughout the house. There were a whole lot of piles of random stuff in our house. Stuff that would be shoved in a closet or on top of a counter or in a basket. Nothing was ever organized, it was just shoved out of sight.


I set a goal for myself that everything in our house would have a home. If that meant getting rid of things I thought we needed then so be it. As I started cleaning out a room I emptied out every single bucket, container, closet, and drawer. I got rid of duplicate items, and only kept items that we actively use in our lives. As I put items back, I grouped them into categories, and found a place for them that made sense.


For example- tape, scissors, and other office supplies occupy one drawer in my command center. I hung a hook in the hall closet for all of Matt’s caps and visors. I hung hooks to hold my swiffer and duster. The hardest part was the closets. It took me several tries to get through the closets. I tried to be as creative as possible with storage solutions to maximize space but I ended up getting rid of at least 50% of the stuff we had cluttering up our home.


I added lots of decorative bins and baskets throughout the house to help create areas for storage. Every bin and basket has a purpose and a specific function. In the family room I have a box in the cube bookshelf specifically for extra school supplies, another for crafting supplies, and one for extra office supplies. In the living room I used the same boxes on the large entertainment bookcase to hold video games and accessories. Every bin, box, and basket was chosen with a purpose in mind- to find a home for everything in my house.


I was ruthless when I went through the house. If I couldn’t find a home for something, it went into the donate pile. No exceptions. And to help keep the house organized I instituted a new rule- when something comes into the house, something else must leave. So far it seems to be working!


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  • rorybore

    I have slowly been doing the same. It has taken forever!! to get everyone else in the house on board with “everything in its place” theory — in fact, I am not 100% sure they all are yet (yes, looking at you hubby!). So….now that everyone is out of the house during the day: I get rid of things!! bye bye McDonalds’ cheap toys occupying every single drawer and toy box! they don’t even notice the stuff is gone!
    One day soon I will have my house back! As God as my witness I will never live in cluttter again! 😉