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Effective Chore Charts For Kids {printables}


Welcome back to my 31 Day series! As you can see my migration from Blogger to WordPress is complete. I’m still figuring out things and tweaking some things but so far, I love it! I promise I’ll have a whole post on the transfer soon but in the meantime I wanted to give a huge thanks to Tanya from Blogelina for doing the actual transfer for me. She’s been amazing to work with and if you are interested in moving from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress I highly recommend her services! So now that my move is done I need to catch up on my 31 Day Series.




Today I’m sharing how I do chore charts for my kids. It takes a lot of work to manage a large household and everyone has to pitch in and do their part. All of my kids have chores- even the 3 year old. My mom always told us “many hands make light work” and now as a mom myself I completely understand that statement. In our household we choose to tie allowance to the completion of chores. I know there are a few different schools of thought on doing it that way. Some people think children should not be paid for chores because doing those chores is part of being a member of the family. I get that and I used to think the same way. For our family, we have decided that we want our children to understand the value of hard work. We want them to know you don’t get money for doing nothing. If you want to get paid, you work. It’s a life lesson that translates into the real world.


I’ve tried many chore charts in the past and none seem to stick for more than a few weeks. When I redid our family room this summer I created a family command center (that post is coming soon) and found the perfect area for our chore charts.




I scoured the internet for blank chore chart templates that I could customize for our family and finally found the perfect ones that came in both girl and boy colors. I printed off a chart for Ty, Maia, and Mase. Even though Zoey does chores her jobs are more geared towards helping me- for example, she helps transfer the laundry from the washer to the dryer or she helps me dust and polish. Not to mention she is willingly helpful. It’s the big kids who need the reminder of a chore chart. After I printed them off I laminated them using Contact Paper so I could use dry erase markers on them instead of printing off new ones every week.


The hard part in our house is assigning the chores. Someone is always going to complain that they have more work than the others. So mom and dad assign the jobs and don’t tolerate any whining about it. We do take into consideration homework loads and outside activities. Our kids are not doing 2 hours of chores a day, I promise.


Ty’s Chores (age 13):


Walk Bailey at night
Load dishwasher after dinner
Start his laundry- I dry, fold & put it away (because I was tired of him looking like a hobo with wrinkled clothing)
Help with yard work- he is in charge of mowing and helping rake leaves
Put away his stuff- any personal items left out overnight are held for ransom
Clean his bedroom- includes washing sheets, dust & polish, vacuum
Bag all the trash- includes bagging up all indoor trash the night before trash pick-up
Bring trash & recycling cans up after trash pick-up


The only chores that are done every day are walking Bailey, loading the dishwasher, and putting away his belongings. His laundry only gets done once a week- he brings it down and starts it before school on his assigned laundry day. The yard work and cleaning his bedroom are done on Saturday’s. The trash is only picked up once a week. So it’s not a difficult or extensive chore list.


Maia’s Chores (age 8):


Walk Bailey before & after school
Empty dishwasher (glassware)- she is only in charge of the breakables in the dishwasher
Change Bailey’s water
Bring all trash downstairs- she brings all the trash cans downstairs for Ty to bag up
Bring laundry downstairs
Put away her stuff
Clean bedroom- includes stripping sheets, dust & polish, and vacuuming


Once again, not a huge list. Walking the dog, emptying the dishwasher, putting away her belongings, and changing Bailey’s water happen every day. Everything else is once a week. She’s been assigned a laundry day and she brings her dirty clothes downstairs and puts them in the washing machine before school.


Mase’s Chores (age 5):


Empty dishwasher (plastics & silverware)- he is only in charge of plastics & silverware
Feed Bailey
Bring laundry downstairs
Put away his stuff
Help with yard work- he is in charge of blowing leaves off driveway & deck
Help clean bedroom
Wash windows


His every day chores include emptying the dishwasher, feeding Bailey and putting away his belongings. He is in charge of bringing his dirty laundry and Zoey’s down and putting it in the washing machine before school on their assigned day. He also helps clean his bedroom with Zoey on the weekend. They sort their toys, strip their sheets, help dust & polish, and Mase helps vacuum.


Once we had the chores assigned fairly we added them to the newly laminated chore charts. I punched a hole in the corner of each chore chart, attached them to a spare key ring, and hung them off my notification board. Easy as pie! When the kids finish their assigned chore they use the dry erase marker to check it off so I know it’s done.


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