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Creating A Magazine Reference Binder





I am a magazine hoarder. I cannot help myself. When I did the huge house clean out this summer I gathered magazines from every corner of this house- some I didn’t even know I still had. I’m ashamed to tell you how many I found. The kids overheard Matt joking that a tree had to die for every magazine I was hoarding. I got dirty looks for days. Oh the shame. 


My dilemma is that I had so many great ideas and inspiration in the pages of those magazines that I wanted to keep. I wanted to be able to reference all those great ideas in the future without the clutter of hundreds of magazines lying around. I had a large collection of recipes I’d pulled out of magazines over the years to try but I never got around to trying them because nothing was organized. Same with Holiday craft ideas, summer activities for the kids, decor inspiration, etc. It was a mess.


Solution: A Magazine Binder





I already had a large binder that I was not using and had all the dividers and page protectors in my office supply stash so this project didn’t cost me any money at all. The first thing I did was gather all the loose pages I’d torn out of magazines over the years and sort them into piles. I’m sure eventually I’ll need to separate certain sections into another binder but for now I went with the following categories: 






*Decor & DIY



*Hair & Beauty






*Spring & Summer

*Fall & Winter


I used a page protector for each article since many of them had multiple pages. Below you can see one article I tore out of a magazine with ideas for a carnival birthday party. Now when I’m trying to come up with ideas for a party theme I can quickly flip through the parties section and see all these great ideas right there in front of me!




I can’t believe I didn’t do this years ago. I have already used the binder several times. I’m planning the class Halloween/Fall party for Mase’s Kindergarten class and I was able to quickly find all my Halloween related crafts and treats while on a conference call with the other room mom the other day! She was highly impressed with my organization, which I have to tell you felt really good. Usually I’m scrambling around trying to remember where I laid down the page with all my ideas on it. 


Like I said, I’m sure by the time I’m done going through my backlog of magazines I will need at least one more binder but for now, this is a good start. I’m making it a goal to go through at least 2 magazines a day until I’m done. I’ve already gone through 50 of them and recycled them once I pulled out the articles I needed to keep! That’s 50 less magazines cluttering up my house, y’all!


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