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A Functional Home Management Binder {printables}




One of the biggest things I did to organize my house and my life was to create a Home Management Binder. I knew exactly what I needed and wanted in my binder and I scoured the internet to find the perfect free printables to use. The ones I couldn’t find, I went ahead and made myself. I think that everyone’s Home Management Binder needs to be customized to the needs of their specific home in order it to be effective.






I already had the binder I wanted to use- it’s a gorgeous orange and brown binder that I won’t mind sitting out on the desk all the time. You have to be realistic and in my house I know I will not put that binder in the desk drawers. It gets used too much and too often. So I at least wanted it to be pretty. 


I’ve made plenty of Home Management Binders in the past and none of them ever stuck. I think I finally figured out why- I was following everyone else’s plans and ideas of what should be in my binder. That just doesn’t work for me. I’d get irritated and just stop using it. This time I decided to only make sections that I would actually use on a regular basis. I also had to consider that I do a lot of planning and phone calls while I’m in the car waiting on kids so I needed something that I could take with me. 


The first thing I see when I open my binder is my monthly calendar. I printed off a blank monthly calendar and used a page protector so I can write on it with a dry erase marker and just wipe it off every month. I have my main family wall calendar hanging in the family command center but I needed a duplicate for when I’m working out of the car.  On this calendar I try to be selective on what I include- just things that I need to remember for scheduling purposes when I’m making appointments in the car. 






Behind my monthly calendar is my monthly meal plan sheet. Again, I use a page protector so I don’t have to print out a new one every month. I always plan my menu by the month- it helps me with grocery budgeting and allows me to know at a glance what I need to buy when I see a sale.  I’m planning a whole post next week on how I do my monthly meal planning.






Next I have my To-Do section. I am a list maker- always have been. I work well when I have lists and can check things off. I get great personal satisfaction from checking things off a list. I know, it’s a sickness. Ha! I have a weekly to do list for important appointments or phone calls that I need to remember. Then I also have a daily to do list that I use to plan out my daily schedule. It has a section for things to accomplish- such as what load of laundry needs to get done. It has an area for phone calls and emails I need to make or return. It also has an area for notes and errands I need to run. I don’t know how I got through my days without this, quite frankly. I found both of these great to-do planning lists HERE.






Behind that is my Contacts section. I have it broken down into separate contact lists– one for household contacts such as utilities/repair services, one for doctors/dentists, one for school/kids activities/playdate info, one for family/friends, and one for neighbors/neighborhood services. I also have a sheet for dates to remember– anniversaries and birthdays. Each month I check this sheet and write the dates I need to remember on my monthly calendar. I have all this information saved on my phone- contact lists and dates to remember but if I ever lost my phone I would be in trouble. It’s important to keep a hard copy of all information you save on your phone, just in case. Sorry, no picture- some of you aren’t above prank calling. Not naming any names but you know who you are…*cough* Rob *cough* 


The next section is my bill paying section and I’ll be going into detail about this tomorrow. I also have a section at the back for magazine articles that I’ve torn out to save. I’ll be going into detail about that too in a couple of days. 


Here are a few great resources for free printables to use in your Home Management Binder:








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