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5 Apps That Keep Me Organized



I use my iPhone for pretty much everything in my life, and that includes keeping myself and the household organized. I  swear I’d be lost if anything happens to my phone! But I spend a lot of time on the go with the kids and I need to be able to access things like my to-do list while I’m out on the road.




1. Evernote- I adore this free app. I use it for everything- Christmas lists, blog post ideas, password lists, kids clothing lists…I love being able to access the same information on my laptop and through the app. So many times I’ll be out shopping and see a sale on kid’s shirts and with this app I can access the master list saved on my laptop to see which kid needs the new shirts.


2. Key Ring- I have so many of those loyalty cards and rewards cards and membership cards. I used to have them all on an old keyring and it was a chore to remember to take them with me. This free app replaced them all. I added all my reward and loyalty cards to the app and now when I go to the store I just scan my phone to get the savings! I even added my library card and the kid’s library cards so no more scrambling trying to figure out where the library card is hiding.


3. Remember the Milk- a really cool free to-do list app that I love. I use this app for things on my priority to-do list. You can organize your lists by day, priority, or type (blog, kids, household). One feature I use a lot is the location look up. When I’m out with 30 minutes to spare before I need to pick up the next kid I can look up the items on my  to-do list to see what’s close to me.


4. Intuition +- a free app designed by moms to help you organize every aspect of your life! This app has replaced my old planner app. I can organize everything in one place- appointments, kids activities, various lists I need….it’s all in one place. I can color code my family’s schedule to see who has to be where on what day easily. It even has a medical section where I can keep the information I need handy for those well-child check ups.


5. Google Drive- this is another one that I use on both my laptop and my iPhone. I love apps that do double duty for me. I use Google drive on the laptop to do the household budget and keep track various projects going on with the kids. I like that it has different options for what type of project you are doing: spreadsheet, forms, documents, etc. The kids use it for school papers and projects and I use it a lot for blog business.


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