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Easy 10 Minute DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom Poofs

For weeks I’ve been promising to show you how I made the tissue paper pom pom poofs that I posted on instagram. Today I’m finally sharing the super easy tutorial. I made these pom pom poofs for Maia’s big girl room, the little kids shared boy/girl bedroom, and even a set for Zoey’s Hello Kitty birthday party! These are the easiest DIY project ever- even if you’re not super crafty, I promise you can do these. They are the perfect decoration for baby showers, birthday parties, Halloween…pretty much any occasion. They’re fast, easy, and very cheap to make.


Materials Needed:
12 sheets of colored tissue paper
string, yarn, twine or something of the sort
push pin


I had all these things around the house so these pom pom poofs cost me nothing to make.



Step One: Choose your tissue paper. These are the poofs that I made for Maia’s room so I chose dark pink, light pink, and turquoise. You can do all one color, or mix and match with as many colors as you want- as long as you have 12 total.



Step Two: Lay your tissue paper in a stack, alternating colors if you’re using multiple colored tissue paper. If some are a different size, don’t worry about it. You’ll take care of that in a few minutes.



Step Three: Fold your stack of tissue paper accordian or fan style. Don’t worry about being too precise or measuring out your folds. I made one fold, flipped my stack over to make the next fold, and so on until I reached the end of the stack.



Step Four: Tie a piece of string around the center of your stack of folded tissue paper. Leave the ends long enough to tie in a loop bow (you’ll need to tie another piece of string to it when hanging it up). Make sure it’s tied tightly and make sure you position the stack as shown above- for reference, in the previous picture the stack is shown lying flat. Turn it on it’s side when you’re going to tie the string around it.



Step Five: Use your scissors to cut each end of your stack into a round edge. This is where you will even up any different sized paper so make sure you start your cut at the top of the shortest piece of tissue paper. If you want smaller pom pom poofs then cut further down towards the string.



Step Six: Start on one side and carefully pull the layer of tissue paper up towards the center. You’ll have to work with it and not just yank it up or the tissue will rip. Don’t worry if you do get a little tear but a big rip will be noticeable.



Step Seven: Continue pulling up each of the first 6 layers of tissue paper until it looks similar to mine above. Don’t worry about fluffing it right now.



Step Eight: Now flip your poof over and carefully pull the remaining 6 layers up towards the center until it looks like mine above.



Step Nine: Tie another long piece of string to the loop you tied in step four. Figure out how low you want your pom pom poof to hang and cut your string accordingly. Tie loose end around a push pin and stick it in the ceiling. I used clear push pins but you could use hooks if you prefer. Now you can separate the paper and fluff it until you get the look you want.


TIP: Hang them as soon as you make them. Otherwise the tissue paper gets all smooshed down and it’s harder to make them hang evenly.


Now let me show you the difference in the 2 pom pom poofs above. The white one was made using 12 pieces of tissue paper. The colorful one I used for this tutorial was made only using 10 sheets of tissue paper because I ran out. See the difference? The white one is much fuller and rounded. So you can definitely make one using less sheets of tissue paper but I think it looks better when made with 12. Just my opinion.


See how easy that was? Don’t you want to make some now?


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