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Creating A Fun & Functional Shared Boy & Girl Bedroom


Last month Matt and I made the decision to move Zoey and Mase into the same bedroom and allow Maia to have her own room. It made sense. Zoey and Mase are on the same bedtime schedule, they wake up around the same time, they share the same toys, and they play together most of the time. On the flip side, Maia is almost 9 years old and she is starting to need some privacy. Little brothers are notorious for not allowing privacy.


I wanted to redo the room to make it a shared space instead of just moving Zoey into the existing space. I wanted her to feel like it was her room too. With just a few simple changes I accomplished my goal. The first thing I did was paint the walls. They were a very bright yellow and the color just didn’t fit with my vision for the room. I chose the same light khaki color that I used in the family room. It was the perfect neutral base to work with.



I kept a lot of the same wall clings from Maia’s old picket fence room since I knew I could build the new room around the same theme. I love the trees and the animals and the colors worked perfectly.



The loft bed is from IKEA and we’ve had it since Mase was a toddler. It worked out great because Mase is now old enough to sleep on the top and Zoey can sleep on the bottom, eliminating the need for a toddler bed. I couldn’t find any orange curtains in my price range so instead I found 2 orange flat sheets and hung them as curtains. They are the perfect color and I love them. Plus they were only $4 each instead of $100.





I made the name banners from free printables that I found HERE and hung them up using twine and scrapbook paper. The kids love seeing their names on the wall. I found the button rug at IKEA and it was the absolute perfect thing to tie all the different colors in the room together.



I bought the toy storage system from IKEA and I can honestly say it’s the best purchase I made. I was using canvas bins to hold their toys before and they bins were starting to bend and break from the kids pulling them off the shelves repeatedly. These plastic sliding buckets are so much better. They hold all the main toys and it’s easy for the kids to put the toys away in the correct bucket because they just slide out so they can see what is inside.


I’m going to make chalkboard labels for the buckets at some point but it’s not really a priority considering neither Zoey nor Mase can read yet. Right now I have toys separated as follows: Doc McStuffin/Minnie Mouse toys; kitchen toys; baby dolls & accessories; art supplies; dress up items; cars; snap n style dolls; mega bloks; action figures; electronic toys (leappads, tag readers, etc); little people toys; and Imaginext toys. It’s a great mix of Zoey’s toys, Mase’s toys, and the stuff they enjoy playing with together.



I made some super easy tissue paper pom pom poofs to hang from the ceiling and found some great prints to hang on the wall. I tried to incorporate the same colors through out the room and not lean towards either boy or girl colors.



We have a lot of books! I didn’t want a typical bookcase in the room but I always want to encourage reading so I bought a few of the spice racks from IKEA, painted them, and had Matt hang them up on the wall to hold their favorite books. These aren’t even a tenth of the books we own. I have the rest of them stored on the top shelf in the closet so I can rotate them out every month or so.


I’m really pleased with how great the room turned out. The kids love it and the transition into them sharing a room went very smoothly. It wasn’t bump free but it was less bumpy than expected.


The Details:
Green fitted sheets // recycled from kids old bedroom
Green fleece blankets // recycled from kids old bedroom
Orange sheets used as curtains // Wal*Mart $4 each
Button rug // IKEA $40
Spice Rack bookshelves // IKEA $3.99 each
4 Toy Shelves & 12 bins // IKEA $167.96 total
Wall prints // Zulily $40 total
Orange & Green picture frames // IKEA $0.99 each


Glidden Plus Paint + Primer {color- Sahara Desert Sand}


TDC Before and After

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