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A Super Easy DIY Instagram Photo Display

I don’t know about y’all but I have a gazillion pictures on my phone that never see the light of day because I forget to print them out. When I did my big family room renovation in July I was determined to use some of my Instagram photos in the room. I use my phone camera for just about everything so all of our recent photos are either stored on my phone or shared on Instagram.

I saw a DIY Instagram display board on Pinterest and tweaked it a bit to fit my needs. This project was super easy and pretty cheap.

DIY Instagram Photo Display

1 large picture frame
1 pack of small eye hooks
picture wire
picture clips
scrapbook paper

1. Remove backing and glass from picture frame.
2. Cut fabric a little larger than backing of picture frame.
3. Wrap fabric around backing and secure with tape.
4. Measure & attach eye hooks to the inside of your picture frame.
5. Cut picture wire to desired length and attach to eye hooks.
6. Attach picture clips to wire.
7. Cut scrapbook paper as backing for your photos.
8. Stick photos in center of scrapbook paper with tape and hang from clips.

Seriously, it’s that easy. The whole project literally took me half an hour from start to finish.

I bought a large picture frame at IKEA for $7.99 because I wanted a specific color but you could use any picture frame you have around the house. Just remove the backing and the front glass (or plastic in my IKEA frame).

I used the cardboard backing from the frame as my template for cutting my fabric. I had some leftover orange fabric from another project that was perfect…and free. You can use anything- pillowcase you don’t need, spare sheet….old swaddle blanket from your kids. I attached my fabric to the back of the cardboard with tape- regular old Scotch tape. Technical and uber-crafty, I know. Try to contain your awe.

I figured out how many Instagram pictures I wanted to display first and measured how far a part to put the eye hooks. Ok, technically I didn’t measure. I eyeballed it. If you’re one of those Type A people you’ll want to measure. Once you have your spacing right just screw in the eye hooks, one on each side for each row of pictures.

I didn’t have any picture wire so I used floral wire. I’m a rebel like that. It worked just fine and again, it was free. I wound the wire around the eye hooks and made sure it was pulled tight enough so my pictures wouldn’t hang too low and hit the row beneath it.

I had some leftover small curtain clips from another project that worked great to hang on the wire. I used a tiny dot of super glue to keep them in place. If you’re using regular picture clips then you probably won’t need to worry about them sliding around.

I bought a few sheets of scrapbook paper that matched the theme of the new family room and cut them a little larger than the Instagram pictures I was displaying. It just gave the display a finished look. I plan to use different paper with the seasons when I change out the pictures.

I just used regular ole tape to attach my pictures to the scrapbook paper. Then clip them on and you’re done! An easy-peasy DIY way to display your phone pictures.

I used Postal Pix to order my picture prints. They are super cheap, you order directly from the app on your phone, and they arrive quickly. The quality is great and I’ve already ordered another batch of prints.

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