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Creating A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That Works

I’ve tried more cleaning schedules over the years than I’d like to admit- all the ones that people swear will change your life and your house. None of them ever stuck long term. The end result? A house that was constantly a mess and more lost permission slips than I can count. Not to mention a whole lot of embarrassment whenever someone would just drop by without the acceptable 10 minute notice (that I usually spent shoving everything in closets). So for the last few months I’ve been on a mission to create my own personal cleaning schedule that works for my house and my life. I think I’ve done it. I’ve been sticking with this current cleaning schedule for over 2 months now, during summer with all 4 kids home all day every day, and my house has never looked better!

The secret to my success was breaking it down into rooms instead of trying to do like things on one day. For example- cleaning all the toilets, sinks and tubs on one day. That’s a lot of toilet scrubbing and inevitably I would find a reason to not finish the job. This way I’m deep cleaning a whole room and seeing instant results. I’m an instant gratification kind of person so this works well for me.

The first week I started this cleaning schedule was rough. Mainly because I’d been slacking on deep cleaning so things were messy and disorganized. I buckled down and spent the first week really cleaning out stuff and organizing as well as deep cleaning. The hard work paid off. It doesn’t take me any time at all to run through my daily cleaning now. I do it first thing in the morning and it takes me less than an hour usually. One hour a day and I have a clean home. Of course I still pick up and straighten in every room every day but doing it every day ensures the clutter doesn’t build up.

I even made daily cleaning printables that I made to keep myself on track. I printed them in 5×7 size, and laminated them using contact paper. I punched a hole in them, attached them to a key ring, and hung the key ring from the handle of my cleaning basket. That was last month’s project- I made a central cleaning basket with all the cleaning products I use on a daily basket (windex, polish, multi-surface cleaner, etc) plus paper towels and gloves, etc. In the morning when I start my daily cleaning I just pick up the basket and take it with me. No more running up and down stairs for different products! I use a dry erase marker to check off each item off my cleaning list as I complete it. I love my to-do lists and I love checking things off of them. It makes me feel very productive.  Below are the printables I made for myself. I also included a blank one that you can save to your computer and customize for your own house.

Printable is for personal use only- neither the printable nor any of the components may be reproduced or sold.

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