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Breakfast Nook Redo On A Budget

I’m so excited to share my breakfast nook redo today. I am in love with the colors and the transformation. This was probably the easiest room to redo because it’s not a big space but changing it up made a huge impact on the whole feel of the first floor!

You can see more of the Breakfast Nook Before Tour HERE if you missed it the first time or want a refresher. The original colors were way too dark and just not our taste. The green on the bottom of the chair rail is a much darker green than it appears in the picture. This is another room that had not been painted in the 8 years we have lived in this house. It was overdue an update.

 My goal was to lighten up the space and change the accent colors to fit with the new color scheme in the family room. I wanted to play off the accent colors in the family room without using the same exact shades. This was my first attempt at the redo. I loved the colors and the accents but something was still not quite right.

 I kept the decor pretty simple because of the small size of the space. I searched and searched for the little oranges in the glass vase in the center of the table. I paid way more than I wanted for them but they really are perfect in the space.

 And of course I didn’t even notice that a bulb was out in our chandelier until I started editing these pictures. Isn’t that always the way it works?

 I flipped the table around to make the space look larger. I debated about adding curtains to this space but I love all the natural light that comes in from the big windows so I think I’m going to leave it open. Thankfully we don’t have any neighbors directly behind us so nobody can look right in our house.

And then almost as soon as I thought I was done with this space, I made another change. Remember I said something just wasn’t quite right? It took me until I was in the middle of the dining room redo to figure it out. I was having trouble finding chairs I liked in my price range for the dining room. But the breakfast nook chairs are exactly what I needed. So I found new chairs for the breakfast nook instead.

 I can’t believe how much bigger and brighter the space is just by switching out the chairs! The new chairs are quite a bit shorter and that made such a difference! The whole area seems lighter and brighter and feels about a decade younger than it did before. Bonus- the white chairs can be taken out on the deck and hosed down when the kids make a mess….like after a spaghetti dinner. Why didn’t I think of this before? Plus the new white chairs got rid of the whole matchy-match thing that drives me insane. I love it in other people’s homes but for some reason it makes me twitchy in my own house. I know, I should be medicated.

The Details:
Turquoise placemats //  Kohl’s $2.99ea
Mini oranges //  Michael’s $6.99 x 2
Wall art // Hobby Lobby $7.00
White chairs // IKEA $12.50 each

Glidden Plus Paint + Primer {Color- Misty Aqua}
Glidden Plus Paint + Primer {Color- Sahara Desert Sand}


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