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Before/After: Kitchen Remodel For Under $65

 After nearly a month of renovations, I have finally completed my kitchen remodel. And holy cow- what a difference! I almost don’t believe I’m in the same house. I don’t think I truly realized just how dramatic the difference would be but it’s spectacular! I’ve been dying to reno this kitchen for years but it just wasn’t in our budget. When I finally made plans to go ahead and start a mini reno I knew I had to find ways to cut the cost and save some money. Mission accomplished. The whole reno cost me $65, y’all!

 This is the kitchen before I started the remodel:

You can see the whole kitchen tour HERE if you’d like to refresh your memory. Personally I’d like to forget what the kitchen looked like before. Just sayin’. All that builder grade oak makes me twitchy.

I had so many ideas rolling around in my head about how to transform this space. The biggest one was what to do with the aforementioned builder grade oak cabinets. For one tiny minute I envisioned replacing them. Until I priced what it would cost to replace them with the ones I wanted. After I recovered from the sticker shock, I started researching more budget friendly options. I thought about painting them but our neighbor painted hers and after a few months they are all chipped and scratched. And she only has 2 kids. Imagine what my 5 kids would do to them. I shudder. Option B was to stain them. I decided to use General Finishes Gel Stain in the color Java. I dedicated a whole post to a tutorial on how to stain your cabinets with gel stain– including the prep, the materials needed, the during, and the finish. I learned a whole lot through trial and error and if I can save someone a little time by sharing what I learned then it’s worth a separate post.

 Here is the after:

 Stunning difference, isn’t it? Take a look at the before/after comparison:

I’m in love with my kitchen again. Can you believe this entire remodel cost me less than $65? I used the same paint from my Breakfast Nook remodel that I shared with you a couple of days ago. I already shared where I found the fruit bowl on the island and the turquoise tray displayed on the counter. I’ll share the rest of the item details at the bottom of this post. But first, let’s take a little tour.

The island got a mini-makeover too. I painted the top black and the base ivory and sealed it with the same sealer I used on the cabinets. I love the contrast. I hadn’t originally planned to do anything to the island but after seeing the finished cabinets the island looked wrong in the space. I also spray painted the soap pump on the kitchen counter. I had a plastic soap pump that I picked up at the $1 store but it was yellow. Two coats of nickel spray paint and it matches the kitchen faucet perfectly. I debated whether or not to add curtains or a valance over the windows but I couldn’t bring myself to cover up all that fabulous natural light. Luckily we don’t have neighbors directly behind us who will be peeking in our windows.

The only thing left to do in this space for now is the pantry door. I already gave the inside of the pantry a complete makeover, which I’ll be sharing soon. Right now I’m trying to decide if I should paint the pantry door or replace it with a vintage screen door.

I have plans for stainless steel appliances in the next year or so but I can’t justify replacing the current ones until one of them breaks. Then we’ll switch them all out at once and be done with it. We also have plans for granite or solid surface counter tops too but there are some other projects higher up on the to-do list first. And truthfully- now that the cabinets are darker and the walls are a better color I don’t really mind the counters. They’re light, neutral, and they blend well in the space. Don’t tell Matt I said that…I’ve been bugging him for new counter tops for 5 years. Shhhh……

The Details:
Orange Canister Set // $14.99 IKEA
Rooster Hand Towels // $1.99ea Wal*Mart
General Finishes Java Gel Stain // $19.99 Amazon
General Finishes Poly/Acrylic Satin Sealer // $19.99 Amazon
Glidden Plus Paint + Primer {Color- Misty Aqua} // From Nook Remodel
Glidden Plus Paint + Primer {Color- Sahara Desert Sand} // From Nook Remodel


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