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A Day In Our Life

One of my favorite blogs to read, Kelly’s Korner, is having a Day In Our Life link-up today and I just love reading about what life is like in other people’s homes so I decided to participate. The day I’m choosing to share is Wednesday because it’s a day that is pretty much the same every week. We do the same thing pretty much every Wednesday. If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a larger family is like- well, here you go!

6:30am- My alarm goes off for the first time. I hit snooze.

6:39am- My alarm goes off for the second time. I hit snooze.

6:48am- My alarm goes off for the third time. I finally get up. Reluctantly. Spend 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching part of the episode of Pretty Little Liars that I recorded the night before. Don’t judge me.

7:10am- Jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

7:45am- Bang on Ty’s door to wake him up. 12 year olds do not want to get up for school, imagine that. Head downstairs to fix breakfast.

7:55am- Bang on Ty’s door again and wake up Maia.

8:00am- Bang on Ty’s door and begin threatening to take away his phone, his Xbox, and his door if he doesn’t get out of bed immediately. Drag Mase and Zoey out of bed, help them get dressed, and herd them downstairs for breakfast with Maia.

8:15am- Matt leaves for work. Ty finally emerges, grabs a breakfast bar, and runs for the bus. I throw in a load of laundry and fix Maia’s hair for her.

8:30am- I pack lunches and book bags while Maia walks Bailey.

8:40am- I load Maia, Mase, and Zoey in the car to drop Maia off at school.

8:45am- Maia is dropped off at school and we head immediately to Mase’s preschool to drop him off.

9:00am- Drop off Mase at preschool and take Zoey with me to do the groceries at Wal*Mart.

10:45am- Finish unloading groceries at home. Zoey has a snack while I start a second load of laundry.

11:00am- Zoey and I walk down to the neighborhood clubhouse for her playgroup. Spend an hour talking to the other moms about the joys of potty training while Zoey plays with her little friends.

12:15pm- Fix lunch for Zoey and myself and eat while we watch Curious George. Fold the first load of laundry and throw the second load in the dryer.

12:45pm- Leave to go pick up Mase from preschool.

1:00pm- Pick up Mase from preschool and take both kids with me to run errands. We hit the dry cleaners, the post office, and the ever important Starbucks before heading home for naptime.

2:00pm- Zoey goes down for a nap while Mase watches a movie and reads books in his bed for quiet time. I fold the second load of laundry and put them both away. Start the dishwasher and clean the kitchen counters. Spend half an hour blogging while I finish the episode of Pretty Little Liars.

3:00pm- Mase is done with his quiet time and bored so I let him use the computer to play on Nick Jr while I finish some more housework.

3:30pm- Zoey wakes up. We have snack and since it’s a warmer day we put on coats and hats to go play at the neighborhood playground for awhile. Meet up with some friends at the playground and trade war stories with another mom while the kids play and chase squirrels.

4:15pm- Head home in time to meet Maia at the bus stop. Maia has a snack and starts her homework. Mase and Zoey play kitchen in Zoey’s room while I spend some time doing work for a fundraiser I’m helping out with.

4:30pm- Ty arrives home, walks Bailey, has a snack, whines about how much he hates school, and then settles in to do his homework. Maia and Mase unload the dishwasher while Zoey “helps”. After they are done I bribe Maia with $2 to take Zoey upstairs to her room and read her books so I can make some phone calls in quiet. Mase goes with them and plays on his LeapPad2.

5:10pm- Load everyone up in the car and drop Ty at basketball practice then drop Maia at cheerleading. Head over to Mase’s karate class and try to keep Zoey busy in the lobby while we wait.

6:45pm- Leave karate with Mase and Zoey. Stop and grab Chinese takeout for dinner on the way home. Matt has already picked up Ty and Maia and arrives home just before me. We eat dinner while trying to having a conversation.

7:15pm- Ty finishes his homework while Maia takes a shower. I give Mase and Zoey a bath in my bathtub while Matt has to do a conference call downstairs.

7:45pm- Ty loads the dishwasher, takes a shower, and plays Xbox with Mase. I read books with Maia and Zoey while Matt finishes his conference call.

8:15pm- Matt walks Bailey. I lay out clothes for the kids for the next day, clean the kitchen (again), and go over the schedule for the next day.

8:30pm- Zoey goes to bed. Mase and Maia are in their room playing on their LeapPad2’s. Ty and I watch a show while Matt works out.

9:00pm- We tuck in Mase and Maia for the night and Ty heads up to his room where he plays on his phone and watches movies. Matt and I watch Criminal Minds while I slurp down my first glass of wine.

10:00pm- Lights out and phone off for Ty. I soak in a nice hot bubble bath with my Kindle and another glass of wine while Matt watches some guy show on tv- I think it was the show with the dude who goes around eating all kinds of strange things.

11:00pm- Matt and I watch a movie that we rented from Redbox the day before and didn’t get around to watching yet. We spend more money on second night rentals….

12:45am- Matt and I finally head to bed so we can get up in 6 hours and do it all again.

So there is a typical Wednesday in our house. And sadly, that’s a pretty light day. Most days are more hectic. What do your days look like?

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  • elspeth

    OK, since you asked: usually up around 4 doing homework/labwork due that day and housework that I can squeeze in. Wake the kids as close to 6:30 as possible, and hopefully have my shower by then. Lunches packed and everyone ready by (hopefully) 7:15. Drop off and at work by 8am. Off work at 5, and pick up kids and home by 5:45, with dinner around 6:30 if we’re on schedule. Homework, play, and catch-up on housework by 8pm. Baths start at 8pm. If I’m still awake, bedtime is 9pm. I want to know how I can find a school that starts at 9 instead of 8…color me jealous!

  • Oh geez, that’s quite the schedule. I spend my whole day catering to the needs of my newborn.

  • Wow. When the kids were young we went to bed by 10:30 but as we started teen years our bedtime kept getting later. Now we go to sleep by 11:30 and I can barely get up at 6:30 to go to work. My husband leaves the house at 6:30 and gets home at 5.30 on a good day. He brings my first cup of coffee to the bedroom and I drink it before my feet hit the floor otherwise I probably wouldn’t make it out of bed.