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Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas

One of my favorite thing to do around the holiday’s is pick out gifts for family and friends. I love to find that one perfect gift for each person. I love to see the look on their face when they open the package and see what I’ve chosen for them. To me the giving of a perfect gift is much better than receiving one myself. This year I turned to the BlogHer Gift Guides for some inspiration. And boy was I inspired! Take a peek at 3 of my favorite finds this year.

Twitter Inspired Hand Painted Shoes- I found these on the From Etsy to You: The Perfect Gifts for Social Media Lovers Gift Guide and I am in love with these shoes. The price is a little steep but they are hand painted and they are gorgeous. I would totally buy these for someone who lives near me so I could borrow them!

Christmas Spiced Tea Mix- This fabulous find came from the Six Great Edible Hostess Gifts for the Holidays Gift Guide. I love anything in a Mason Jar- I’m from the South people. Mason Jars are a way of life down here! I would give these not only as hostess gifts but also as teacher gifts. Having 4 kids in school now, I have a lot of teachers to buy for this year. I think these would be a fabulous and economical gift for teachers!

Kitty Cat Mewvies- I have quite a few friends, and my sister, who cherish their cats. They spoil them and treat them like actual children. So when I saw these cat-focused DVD’s on the Holiday Gifts For the Family Pets Gift Guide I knew that they would make a fantastic gift. Not sure if I would address the gift to the actual cats or the owners though. Either way the cats would love it and maybe they wouldn’t be so lonely in the daytime while everyone is at work.

This post is part of BlogHer’s Holiday Gift Guides editorial series, sponsored by Open Road Media.

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  • Did you see the peacock shoes? Oh my! We’ve been making that hot spiced tea recipe in my family since I was a kid – it’s pretty good and would make a nice gift.