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The Limits on Family Time

I mentioned yesterday that we took the kids to see Disney on Ice recently. We really enjoyed the show, it was 2 hours long and really well done. The kids have been excited for weeks, with the exception of Ty who thinks he is way too old to attend anything put together by Disney. Ha! Silly boy. You’re never too old for Disney.

We had seats in the dead center of the rink and 10 rows up from the ice. We could see everything and I must say, shelling out the extra $40 for seats down close was worth every cent. The kids were enthralled by the whole show. We arrived a little early and the kids were bouncing in their seats as we waited for the show to start.

Well, at least the little ones were bouncing in their seats. Ty was sitting there quietly, hoping he didn’t see anyone from his school. I tried to tell him that if he did see a classmate they would likely be just as mortified but he did not see that as a positive. Boys.

Mase could barely stand the short wait until the show started. It made my heart happy to see him so excited. This is the first Disney on Ice show that he has ever been too even though Ty and Maia have been to shows before. I am a huge Disney fan so sharing this with my kids just makes me happy.

Matt went in search of some refreshments to keep the kids happy until intermission so Zoey decided Ty’s lap made the perfect perch for her to view the ice. She kept him entertained with her babbling and as a bonus he could hide behind her if he saw anyone he knew. Ha!

I didn’t realize how early we had arrived and the kids were antsy and started to squirm in their seats a little bit while we waited. We rarely arrive early for anything. Getting 4 kids dressed and ready plus waiting for Matt to get himself dressed and ready…well, we’re barely on time let alone early most of the time. So I amused the kids by taking random pictures of them.

Matt braved the concession stand and returned with a bottomless tub of popcorn (only cost $6- what a deal!) and some drinks. The kids fell on that tub of popcorn like hungry wolves on a bleeding hiker! I swear they have hollow legs.

This was Zoey’s first time to eat popcorn because her mother is a freak about choking. Seriously. She’s only 2 so she’d never had popcorn before. She loved it!

The show was fantastic. I didn’t take many pictures because I was busy enjoying the show but I managed to snap a few. The Cars portion of the show was first and it was amazing. Mase was completely in awe and wanted to know how much it would cost to buy one of the cars used in the show. Ha!

After Cars was The Little Mermaid. Now I happen to be a huge Little Mermaid fan. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite Disney movies. The Disney on Ice version did not disappoint. Even Mase loved it and he is firmly in the camp of Little Mermaid being for girls.

The Little Mermaid was followed by Tinkerbell, another one of my favorites. The Tinkerbell portion had a few glitches- the skater playing the light fairy fell off the platform and hit her head so she had to be replaced. But the skating and performance itself was amazing. Afterwards Mase said Tinkerbell was his favorite. I’m pretty sure it was Ty’s favorite too, for completely different and disturbing reasons.

Finally it was time for Toy Story. Mase was pretty much jumping up and down on his chair, so excited for Toy Story! I loved every single minute of the Toy Story performance. It was so well done, from the dancing and singing soldiers, to the daycare scenes! One funny moment was when Lotso the bear fell down on his back during the performance and flailed around like a turtle trying to get back up. It took Buzz Lightyear and another skater to get him back on his feet again. The adults were completely in stitches watching that little detour. Ha!

All in all it was a fantastic show that our whole family loved. But it did make me really think. Ty is 12 now. He’s not going to be willing to go to many more of these little kid shows with us. Our time to do these things as a family is slowing going by and soon it will be over. I can’t believe how fast this has gone past. It feels like yesterday that we were taking Ty to see his first Disney on Ice production, Monsters Inc. And here he is 12 years old and needing to be bribed to attend a show. It makes me sad. People always say to enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast. As a young mom I would roll my eyes and sigh, thinking that I’d hit the fast forward button in a heartbeat if given the option. Now I get it. And it’s bittersweet.

I’m Pouring My Heart Out.

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  • I had the same epiphany while Trick-or-Treating with my kids… they were so confident in the whole process – being out after dark, knocking on doors, talking to almost strangers. I could literally feel time going by.

  • Take heart, there will always be things you can all do together as a family. Hugs.

  • I love Disney on Ice and thankfully, both my girls are still into the shows. I also don’t want to think of my kids getting too old for Disney. We’re headed to Disney World in December and I’m as (if not more) excited than my two daughters. Fun post!

  • Looks like it was a ton of fun!

    I don’t even want to think about my boys getting too old for things like that!

  • You DID have great seats. They look very close. What a great day for your family. You are right that they all grow up so fast – enjoy every second!

  • I took my kids to a Disney on Ice show once when they were smaller and it was fantastic. I think both of them would think I was crazy if I suggested it now, but they’re in middle school. It’s true, they do grow too quickly!

  • Which Disney show was this?

    • It was Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy, I believe. It was amazing!

  • Aww I went to one of these once, great memories for your little (and not so little) ones!

  • Perfect timing for this post. Disney on Ice is coming here in December. I guess I’ll shell out the extra bucks for the good seats! Thanks for the tip.

    And, yes…it flies by. Helped my oldest with college aps today…

  • Looks like so much fun!!!! What a great treat for your family!

  • It looks like it was a ton of fun!

    We’ve been talking about taking a Disney vacation, and the fact that my oldest will only be into theme parks for a few more years is definitely on my mind. They grow up too fast.