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We’ve Become Old People

In the past few weeks I have noticed that Matt and I have been muttering about things that we used to make fun of our parents for muttering about back in the day. Once I started paying attention to these mutterances (yes I did just make up my own word, what of it?), it dawned on me that we have become old people. And not just old people, but crotchety and cranky old people. The kind who start sentences with “Back in my day….”  Yeah, totally disturbing. I made a list of a few of the cranky mutterances that were made this week for your amusement and exactly what sparked them.

“It’s madness. My first car cost $1500 and the bumper was held together with duct tape.” ~Matt, in response to the brand new, shiny Mercedes that the people down the street bought for their 16 year old daughter’s birthday.

“I remember when gas was 0.92 per gallon and I would put $3 in at at time.” ~Delilah, upon realizing that it was going to cost upwards of $60 to fill up the mommy mobile minivan with gas.
“I used to hit Taco Bell on 30 cents Tuesday’s and get 10 soft tacos for $3.” ~Matt, as he forked over $25 cash to pay for our family’s meal at Taco Bell.
“When I was a kid we used to have to wait for the good movies to hit the Dollar Theater before we got to see them.” ~Delilah, forking over way more than $1 for Ty to go to the movies with his friend (and said friend’s parents). 
“My mom used to buy our jeans at Sears for $10 and she would use a coupon, too.” ~Matt, appalled that Maia was begging for a $50 pair of kids jeans (jeans that she did not get, FYI).
“You kids don’t know how good you have it. My parents only got cable in the summers when it went on special for buy 2 months get one free. They cut it off after 3 months.” ~Delilah, annoyed with the whining from ungrateful, spoiled, children who insisted there was nothing on any of the 500 channels available for their viewing pleasure.


We sound like we are 65 years old, don’t we? We certainly don’t sound like a fun couple in their mid-30’s. What happened to us? When did we become fuddyduddies? Oh yeah, we have 5 kids. Now I remember. They did this to us, the same way I’m sure my sister and I are the reason my parents sounded so old before their time. Sorry mom and dad, my bad. 

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  • Yes. I called the cops on some kids riding their bikes like MANIACS on a busy stretch of road. I’m 35. I blame my four kids.

    Meh. We’re earned our crotchety-ness.

  • GAs was$1.07 when I got my license! We had The Disney Channel and thought it was a REALLY big deal! WOW.

    • I hear you. My sister and I would be glued to the television during the 3 day free preview of the Disney channel. We had to cram 6 months worth of Disney into 3 days. Haha!

  • Yep, I hear ya. I’m now complaining about my aches and pains, too. ACK!!!

    • I groan getting in to bed now. It’s terrible.

  • I remember when gas was that cheap too – and I could put in $5 (as a teen) and it would last me all week in my short traveling distances!

  • We have a dollar theater, and it doesn’t cost a dollar anymore. Stupid inflation.

    I’m always complaining about how loud these kids have their stereos when they drive around. How can that not give anyone a headache? I didn’t even listen to it that loud when I was a teenager. Whippersnappers.

    And Taco Bell has totally gotten expensive. McDonald’s is the cheapest now, I think. We went to Taco Bell this weekend and paid $20 for three of us. That’s including $1.49 for those Cinnabon bites, which were four tiny little fried donuts with cream cheese icing inside and dipped in the same cinnamon sugar as the cinnamon twists. Highway robbery! (said as I shake my cane)

    • I just object to calling a Dollar theater a $1 theater when it costs $5 to see a movie. That’s a $5 theater!

      And how come the cost of fast food is rising and the amount you get is getting smaller? What?

  • You know Gerry and I are completely ancient, too. 🙂 And also, how’s that girl supposed to develop any character??? My first car was a beat up, hail damaged, electric blue Pontiac, which allowed me to better appreciate all the crappy cars I’ve owned since then.

    • Heck yeah! I agree. She’ll probably wreck it in the next month or so and daddy will buy her a new one. Gah.

  • shannon

    mutterances. that is a word that is its own definition AND sounds exactly like what it is, you have to mutter it under your breath. this is one of my new favorite made up words, no joke, i love it. my other one? piranhaconda. hell yeah, syfy…

    • I watched that piranhaconda on syfy! I am traumatized.

  • Joe

    Children accelerate the aging process.

  • If you guys are old people, you are COOL old people 😉 And seriously, $25 at T-Bell?! C’mon! That’s when we need to consider just doing a heist of the joint. Tacos should never cost more than spare change!

    • I know! $25 at Taco Bell is insanity. Insanity!

  • Oh my word – I’m glad I’m not the only one! It cracks me up these days to see 10 year old kids acting like having a cell phone or computer or iPod is a right. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 18 and could pay for it myself! My first computer was purchased at around age 20 or 21… after I saved up for it. I didn’t get an iPod until a few years after that when I was out of college and had my finances under control enough to allow myself such a frivilous item. It drives me nuts that kids this days think these things are toys – they have no sense of what it takes to actually buy them. (Great, now I’m sounding old! Lol).

  • I love that you’re tracking these – they’re great! I totally catch myself sounding like an old woman all.the.time.

    • I swear we’re sounding more and more like our parents every day!

  • Sounds like me and my husband. It’s CRAZY how much things cost anymore.

    • I hear you! Cost of living is out of control!

  • Haha!! This post cracked me up! And my husband and I have conversations like that all the time!

  • I’m always talking about how I used nickels and dimes to buy gas in college. Gas prices are insane!

    We live 2 blocks from the high school here. The cars these kids are driving is ridiculous. They typically wreck them and mommy & daddy buy them a new one. My first car (at 16) was a hand-me-down 1984 Ford Thunderbird. The first car I purchased was a 1992 Chevy Cavalier. It was 4 years old and my parents gave me the down payment for it and co-signed on the loan.

    My favorite “when I was a kid”…we didn’t have stoplights in town. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t one stoplight in the entire county I grew up in. Now, my hometown has several stoplights. Where we live now, I have to go through 13 stoplights just to take my son to preschool. LOL

    • I hear that. My first car was a 10 year old Honda Accord with missing hubcaps. And I was grateful!

  • I also miss the $1 theater – what happened? Going to the movies is so expensive, I couldn’t imagine for your family with more than 1 kid! And my kids live in hand-me-downs… Im so cheap and I am so grateful to have a dad who remarried and had more kids that he can send me all these clothes for my kids! My daughter is getting to the age where she wants new clothes… Im all over the $3 rack at Khols! Also – we do not have cable. We pay for the Netflix live streaming on the Xbox 360. Much cheaper and our daughter doesn’t mind at all!

    • We lived at the $1 theater as a kid! Now it’s ridiculously expensive.

  • Cat

    I keep trying to describe the cool sprinkler we had when I was a kid. It was sort of like a tractor and followed the hose that you would arrange on the lawn so the whole lawn got watered by the two wands that spun around on the top. It was the COOLEST sprinkler EVER and I can’t find one anywhere…

  • My second new car, the one I’m driving still now, is a Honda Civic. The spring I bought it, my uncle bought my cousin the same one.

    Um, only in a GATED community would a girl get a Mercedes!

    Mini van? Grocery Getter, it’s a grocery getter. Or it’s a toaster on wheels.

    As for T-Bell, $25 for seven folks isn’t too bad! Especially on a non-Tuesday.

    • Hey now, I’m not a snob. I don’t live in a richy rich neighborhood. But it is the norm in our city for teens to be driving expensive cars. I have never owned a new car in my whole life and I probably won’t!