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Show Us Your House: Master Bathroom

I showed you our guest bath and the bathroom that serves as the kids bath yesterday. Today I’m sharing our master bathroom, which is my favorite one in the house! This is one of the things that sold me on the house the very first time that we saw it. Well, the hot tub on the back deck did a lot of the selling but the master bathroom tipped the scales firmly towards signing the contract.

One of my favorite parts is the skylight, which also makes it difficult to get great pictures during the daytime with the sun streaming through. I also love the size! I’m not a huge fan of the color and it’s on the list to be painted this next year.

And here is my beloved bathtub. Isn’t it pretty? I love that the previous owners continued the Travertine tiling around the tub too. The previous owners had a radiant heat thing (don’t quote me on that, ha!) installed under the tub so the water stays hot no matter how long you are soaking. I love that. I wish the tub had jets, that’s on my renovation wish list!

I love how deep the tub is, it’s perfect for long soaks with a good book and large glass of wine! I debated about whether I wanted a television in here to watch while soaking but really, it’s the only time I get to read so I’d rather do that. Of course, no good soak is complete without a scented candle or two for ambiance. You can’t see them very well but the little glass bottles on the other corner of the tub are from The Philippines. My brother-in-law brought them back for me and I love them.

I wrote about our master closet remodel a while ago but never got around to showing pictures of the finished entryway. We took the closet door off because it swung inward which took away a lot of space that I need for my clothes! But I didn’t want to stare at the stuff inside the closet so I found this sheer panel on clearance!

The skylight made it tough to get a great shot from this angle. I love the mirrors and having double sinks is a necessity! Lucky for us, the previous owners updated the mirrors, the fixtures, and the lighting. I plan to paint the cabinets and change the hardware in the next year. I forgot to take a picture of our shower, you can barely see it in the mirror reflection. It’s just a basic shower and we plan to tile it and replace the old door with a seamless one. Another item on the renovation list. Poor Matt.

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