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Show Us Your House: Outdoor Spaces

Today’s tour is Outdoor Spaces. Our backyard is one of the things I wish I could change about our house. I love our large back deck but I wish it was ground level instead of so far up. Our backyard if fairly small but seeing as how I’m not so much a fan of yard work, I’m okay with the size.

We had the playground installed a couple of years ago and it has been the best investment we’ve made in this house. The kids spend hours out there and so do all of their friends! We need to re-mulch again, the torrential rain storms plus the excessive use by the neighborhood kids has done a number on the landscaping.

This is the view of our back deck from the playground. The gazebo part on the left is the hot tub. We have plans to cut down that tree because it’s too close to the house and it drops junk all over the deck. Matt wants to add another tier to the deck once the tree is gone.

Here’s one side of the back deck. I just sold our old patio set on Craigslist so I’m hunting for a new one. We have 2 different tiers to this part of the deck so I’m thinking a cafe set on the top tier near the door and then a full size patio set at the end of the deck.

Here is the top tier of the deck where I’m hoping to put a little cafe set. My dad handmade that little table you see in the corner with my herb garden on top of it. Don’t be impressed, my sister made it for me for Mother’s Day and I’m just trying not to kill it. And there is the hot tub. I really need to buy more plants to hang from the hooks around the hot tub but my black thumb discourages me from plant purchasing.

I’ll do another post soon to show you the front of our house. Hope you enjoyed the backyard as much as my kids do.


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  1. god bless backyards! the saviour of my sanity. and my kids don’t even have any climbing structure. or swings. there is a sandbox. but they’ll roam out there with their imagination for hours. Yay me!
    as for your hot tub… if plants aren’t your thing, I’d put decorative birdhouses, or wind chimes….maybe some nice patio lanterns???

  2. It’s lovely!

    My backyard is a common area with a 12 foot by 12 foot slab. Ah, romantic!